If you’ve been trying to shed some weight but just can’t seem to reach your weight loss goals one of the major problems could be your eating habits.

It may surprise you to know that by simply eating breakfast and more protein you would see a drastic leap towards your weight loss goals.

What’s more, by starting your day with a combination of the two, it pretty much have you as trim and fit as you want in no time.

You’re probably thinking how is this possible? Well, studies have shown that consuming 30 grams of protein in your breakfast meal will keep you satisfied and less hungry throughout the day.

Take for example a recent survey which showed that people who begin their day consuming between 30 -39 grams of protein, ate 175 fewer calories at lunch.

The reason this has a positive effect on your weight loss goals is that foods high in protein take longer to digest, unlike the traditional breakfast foods which are heavily stuffed with carbohydrate.

Now, the longer it takes to digest, the lower your hunger level, and since you won’t get hungry you end up sticking to your healthy eating regime.


This may seem like a valid train of thought if you are ignorant of the facts.

Research showed how regular exercise is profitable in staying healthy but not as profitable in relation to weight loss.

Source: Vox

In the graph above, the study shows that if a hypothetical 200-pound man began 60 minutes of exercise for 4 days every week with the exact same calorie intake for 30 days, it would result in him losing only 5 pounds.

In addition to that if the man decided to increase his relax time, as well as food intake even less weight, would be lost.

So trying to lose a significant amount of weight by exercising alone is a near impossibility.

Now in contrast, in another study on nutrition metabolism, it was seen that people who acquired 30% of their daily calories through protein were able to shed 11 pounds in just 12 weeks. How amazing is that?

Source: Healthline

So, mixing a high-protein breakfast with your routine exercises would boost your weight loss goals as exercise alone won’t cut it.

However, if you’ve tried to follow a high -protein diet in the past you’re aware it is a bit difficult to increase your protein intake, especially when you’re lacking the right recipes for your breakfast ideas.

That’s what this article is for, whether you love it exotic and spicy or sweet and savory, on the way to work or at the breakfast table, there is a meal you’ll simply adore on this list.

1. Mini Egg Frittatas

Having just eggs for breakfast may certainly seem plain and boring to you but try these frittatas and they will blow your mind.

Mix whole eggs together with extra white eggs and add sautéed vegetables into the mix.

If you want some more protein throw in some cheese or turkey sausage.

Now, after you’ve done this pour in this mix into muffin or cupcake tins and let it bake at 350°F.

In order to know when it’s properly baked, insert a knife into it and if the knife comes out clean without stain you can pull it out.

Generally, if you use a standard sized muffin tin, it should take anything between 20-25 minutes.

What’s really great about this high-protein breakfast is that if you do not like early mornings, you can make them at night and simply reheat it in the morning on your way out.

2. Baked Oatmeal with Blueberry-Almond or Yogurt

Everyone loves oatmeal for breakfast.

On its own, it’s a yummy breakfast stuffed full of whole grains and fiber, but you can increase its all-around nutrition quality by boosting its protein content.

By adding chia seeds, almond milk, flax meal, soy milk or even protein powder you can increase your breakfast protein intake with oatmeal.

All you need to do is simply stir in flavored or unflavoured protein powder or pour in soy milk right into your oatmeal.

Then you can top it with almonds or blueberries for an extra dose of healthy fats, vitamins, and fiber.

If you aren’t a fan of soy milk or protein powder, another option in boosting your oatmeal protein content is to add some cups of Greek yogurt into it.

This is quite powerful because it introduces into the oatmeal 11 grams of protein for each serve.

What’s more, you can easily carry this breakfast with you, if you have to dash out very early in the morning.

In addition to the high protein, you also get filling fiber as well as healthy probiotics.

3. Turkish Fried Eggs

If you love your breakfast exotic, this is certainly the right meal for you. This modified take on the popular Turkish dish will leave a hard to forget exotic flavor in your mouth.

To make this, sauté garlic, red onion, sliced chili pepper and frozen spinach in olive oil. After this is done wait for the veggies to get soft.

As soon as the veggies get soft, break in one or two eggs and let it cook together.

Then top it with lemon juice, salt, and fatty Greek yogurt.

For exotic food lovers, this recipe is a must have, the mixture of the fragrant olive oil, lemon, creamy yogurt, and spicy chili is simply irresistible.

4. Cottage Cheese

When it relates to boosting your protein intake, many people easily overlook cottage cheese.

This low-fat nutritious food is excellent in taste and very easy to make.

It is a fantastic addition to your breakfast meals. What’s interesting about low-fat cottage cheese is its protein level, as it is greater than full-fat cheese, even though both of them are fabulous options.

If you want to get the best out of it, full up a bowl with low-fat cottage cheese, add some beans and top it with salt, paprika, tomatoes, and pepper.

5. Protein Muffins

If you’ve been searching for a portable vegan recipe, protein muffins are the perfect fit.

There are numerous ways to get your recommended amount of protein without eating an animal product as a vegetarian and protein muffins are one of them.

These muffins are made by using pea protein milk to cook gluten-free oats.

As it cooks you add some almond butter, blueberries, flaxseed, and cinnamon.

Mix it up till it has a batter-like consistency and you can either eat it right away or bake it for about 20 minutes at 350°F if you want it a very portable form.

6. Shakshuka

This onion, tomato and egg dish is a very popular breakfast food in Israel.

As a matter of fact, “Shakshuka” actually is translated to mean “breakfast”.

To whip this up just cook up red bell peppers, sliced onions, paprika, and tomatoes.

Then cook two eggs and once they are boiled, place them on one slice of whole-grain bread.

Add the previously cooked red bell peppers, paprika, tomatoes, and sliced onions sauce on the bread as well.

Top it off with chili flakes, parsley leaves, pepper and salt for extra flavor.

7. Minty Quark Shake

In case you’ve never heard of one a quark is a German-style yogurt, just like a Greek yogurt except it has a cheesecake like the texture and has a lot more protein.

Its thick consistency makes it great for whipping up a creamy, decadent protein shake. Keep in mind that protein shakes do not have to always be sweet as this has an interesting taste.

You can make it by mixing in quark, mint, a pinch of salt, milk, and cucumber.

8. Crustless Mini Quiches

Eggs and vegetables are one of the breakfasts that people enjoy a lot and losing weight doesn’t mean you have to avoid eggs totally; in fact, a perfect mixture of eggs and vegetables in the morning will help you lose some pounds.

Eggs and veggies can be combined to give you crustless quiches; all you need to do is to mix fresh eggs with any vegetable like kale, red onion, asparagus or any other vegetable of your choice.

Then add seasonings like parsley, cilantro, and garlic, ginger or salt and mix together.

After this, bake the mixture in an oven till it is ready and then take it out of the oven.

This yummy breakfast will supply your body with lots of nutrients such as vitamin B1, B6, K, A, E, vitamin B12, folate and chromium.

If you wish to add a little more protein to the diet, you can make collagen shake.

Collagen is pure protein, it doesn’t have flavor and it easily dissolves in shakes. You can add blend collagen with berries, nut butter or any other fruit you will like to make you shake with.

Collagen aids digestion and also reduces pains in the joint. It strengthens the teeth, hair, and nails and will give you a glowing skin.

9. Improved Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is one of the most talked about breakfast foods currently and it is excellent for people that want to lose a few pounds because it has a lot of fiber and a healthy dose of fats.

However, instead of cooking the conventional Avocado toast, you can amp your own by sprinkling nutritional yeast and adding one or two eggs to the toasted mixture.

These two ingredients will add vitamin B and enough protein to the breakfast.

If you want to make toast without Avocado, and just want some crunchy toast.

All you need to do is to get whole grain bread and spread any nut butter you prefer in the bread, and then you can sprinkle chia seeds on the bread.

After you do this, you can eat the toast with any beverage of your choice.

This combination is full of lots of fats and healthy fiber and also very rich in protein.

10. Protein Pancakes and Oats

Protein pancakes are another excellent breakfast menu for shedding some pounds.

To make protein pancakes, blend half a cup of egg whites, half a cup of Oatmeal, one cup of cottage cheese and one cup of baking soda. Blend the mixture until it is very smooth.

After blending, cook it till it gets done.

This pancake contains a high amount of protein which contains the right amount of calories. It will also reduce the risk of having a cardiovascular-related disease.

If protein pancakes are too plain for you, you can try something different by making chocolate pomegranate with overnight Oats.

You do not have to go through the stress of cooking Oats in the morning; all you need to do is to make the Oats at night.

To achieve this, mix Oats with plain Greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds, unsweetened almond milk, chocolate protein powder, and chia seeds.

This fiber-packed breakfast will delay the digestion process and will give you enough energy to last you a long time. You will stay full for a long time after having this yummy breakfast.

11. Omelet and Breakfast Wraps

This list won’t be complete without mentioning omelet. Omelet lets you combine meat, cheese, and veggies with eggs.

To do something a little extra with your omelet, cook two eggs with cheese, mushrooms, and onions and top it with tomatoes and basil.

The many veggies in the omelet are filled with polyphenols; the eggs are packed full with protein while the cheese will give your body calcium.

You can also make eggs with lots of greens. Chop spinach, mustard, kale and any other kind of green vegetable. Put the vegetables in a hot pan and stir for about one minute until the vegetable wilts.

If you wish to try another source of protein other than eggs, you can make breakfast wrap with smoked salmon. To make breakfast wrap, put smoked salmon on a paleo wrap. Add avocado, roasted vegetables and greens to the wrap.

If you wish, you can use whole grain wrap instead of low carb wrap and you can also use chicken or eggs in place of the salmon.

You can also use any type of vegetable you like.

The breakfast wrap is filled with lots of fiber and fats and it will help you lose lots of weight and also lower the cholesterol level in the body.

You can also make breakfast tacos. Add scrambled eggs, avocado slices, lettuce, black beans and Salsa to a taco shell or to a whole grain wrap.

This meal is not only portable, but it is also filled with its healthy fats and vitamins and will also help you to lose weight.

12. Tofu Scramble

If you are tired of eating scrambled eggs, you can try something different by making tofu scramble. All you simply need to do is to replace the eggs with tofu.

All you need to do is to mash firm tofu. Pour the mashed tofu into a mixture of salted red bell pepper, onions, garlic or any other type of vegetable you prefer. Cook the mixture on a stove until it is soft.

Tofu scramble is rich in protein and is also rich in zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It can be served with potatoes, roti or grain bread or any healthy food you wish to eat it with.

Alternatively, you can do something extra by eating your tofu with protein moha.

To make protein moha, simply add a scoop or two of protein powder to your cup of coffee. By doing this, you will add a lot of protein into your diet and it is perfect for shedding some pounds.

13. Turmeric Eggs

If you want to do something different to your scrambled eggs, you can change the spices. Instead of adding cheese, you can add spices like cumin, turmeric or cayenne.

Making turmeric scrambled eggs is the same as making your regular scrambled wages it’s just that instead of adding cheese; you will add turmeric to the mixture.

Turmeric scrambled eggs are full of protein and it is great for detoxifying the system.

Turmeric manages the blood sugar and also regulates the level of cholesterol in the body.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to make the eggs scrambled, you can have hard-boiled eggs with quinoa. Simply boil eggs and after boiling, let it rest for twelve minutes.

After that, eat the hard boiled eggs with cooked quinoa. Hard boiled eggs and quinoa is high in protein.

14. Mediterranean/English Muffins and Bread Pudding

Mediterranean muffins are easy to make and they do not require a lot of ingredients, all you need is canned salmon, feta and eggs.

Mix the ingredients and bake in muffin tins, in an oven of about 350 degrees. Leave the mixture to bake in the oven for about twenty to twenty-five minutes.

After it is well baked, pull it from the oven and it is ready to eat.

You can make lots of these Mediterranean muffins and refrigerate. Then you can microwave every morning when you want to eat it.

Even though the Mediterranean muffin may appear plain, it is rich in proteins and healthy fats.

Asides Mediterranean muffins, you can also make English muffin. To make an English muffin, add a slice of cheese, an egg and two slices of ham or bacon. Wrap in a wax paper and enjoy it.

If you think this is boring and you want to do something really fun but nutritional, you can add bread pudding in a mug.

To achieve this, mix two tablespoons of vanilla, with one egg, protein powder, two tablespoons of milk and a packet of Stevia. Add two slices of cubed whole grain bread and a chopped apple.

Pour the mixture into a mug and put the mug in a microwave, leave it in the microwave for about one minute and bring it out. You can have the pudding with cinnamon and syrup.

15. Almond Butter Crackers

If you want to eat some protein but do not have enough time to cook something, you can eat rye crackers and almond butter.

The rye cracker and almond butter should be sprinkled with dried fruits and nuts to make it more delicious.

You can take this with a warm glass of soy milk.

Here is something else you can do with almonds – vanilla almond chia pudding.

Mix three tablespoons of chia seed with two tablespoons of almond butter, one cup of unsweetened almond milk, a dash of cinnamon and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.

After mixing all these in a jar, put the mixture in the fridge and allow it to stay there overnight.

In the morning before eating it, sprinkle some almonds and blueberries on the mixture. The chia seeds in the mixture will give it the texture of a pudding.

This breakfast is full of a lot of fiber and protein and it is ideal for people who want to lose weight.


Weight loss is an extremely tough journey; you need to be extremely dedicated to see significant results.

Most times a lot of people embarking on some weight loss goals, downplay the role of their diet and focus on trying to exercise some more.

While this is great for your health, exercising without proper eating habits does little to no good. This is why knowing the right type of eating regime to have in relation to your weight loss goals is vital.

A high-protein diet is essential if you want to see tremendous positive effects concerning weight reduction.

However, if you’ve been confused about what recipes to use to make the most ideal high-protein breakfast, the foods listed in this article will end that confusion!

Just pick the best high-protein recipe with regards to your taste and watch those calories fall off.

Most of these breakfast recipes are very easy to whip up and can be done in a matter of minutes.

If you’re an early bird and won’t have time to cook in the morning, you can always opt for the recipes which can be made at night and then you reheat them in the morning on your way out.

15 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas That Will Help You Lose Weight

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