Have you ever asked yourself where business cards came from? Who invented them? Why we still have them around?

We are in the digital age and using cards as a means of exchanging contact information does not seem as popular as it was in the early days. People are able to connect easily on platforms such as LinkedIn and now almost every business has a website so it’s very easy to get any information needed about the company.

Which brings us to the question, are business cards redundant?


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Attending any conference or networking event will show you that these cards are far from being redundant. Unless you spend all your time lurking around the buffet table, there’s a good chance that you’ll go home with a number of business cards.

Statistics show that more than 27 million business cards are printed in the US every single day. This means that about 10 billion cards are printed every year in the US alone.


Despite all the threats and promises that we are inching towards a virtual world where a majority of the physical elements are non-existent, business cards are consistently staying popular. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this and find out if this popularity is about to end.

  • Real world interaction. The way to exchange a business card is during a physical face-to-face interaction, usually after a handshake and an introduction. This physical interaction is making business cards attractive and unique because no virtual platform can deliver it. The more connected we are to a virtual world, the more valuable real-world interactions become. So the cards are becoming mediums that you can use to make a memorable impression on a prospective client.
  • Printing Technology. The modern business card can’t be compared to traditional trade cards or calling cards. The printing technology available at the time was very limiting when it comes to the cards that could be produced. Today, a business will be able to make whatever impressions that it seeks to make with a business card. Want to look rich? Use the most advanced printing technologies and the most expensive paper in the market. Want to look professional? How about a crisp 300gsm paper with a broad linear finish and professional type face. Want to look fun and creative? Your only limitation is your imagination. From edible business cards to amazing terable designs, there’s very little you can’t do with a business card.
  • Creative Designs. Business cards have become creative outlets for conveying different messages to customers. Unlike in the past when the design and use of business cards was clearly defined and strictly followed, today nobody will question how you design or hand out your business cards. This gives businesses limitless creative opportunities for designing the cards in a manner that will stand out.
  • Less Formal. There were very many rules governing the use of business cards in the past. For example, they could only be handed out using the right hand, could never be written on, had to be carried in a special holder and had to be translated if they were to be handed out in a foreign country. Today, most of these rules are irrelevant. No one will check to ensure that you hand out your business cards using your right hand or that the language is translated.

Who Needs a Business Card?

Let’s now take a quick look at the individuals whose business is more likely to benefit from the use of business cards. If you fall in any of the following categories, then you need to think seriously about having a business card designed.

  1. If you do some lead generation in person. Despite the popular use of email marketing, social media and other online methods for lead generation, there are still a good number of industries that use the tried and tested face to face meeting for generating leads. The best part about this is that it enables you to address any personal concerns that the prospective might have. Giving a business card before sealing the meeting with a handshake will ensure that your prospective customers have something physical that they can refer to when they need your services. It helps if your design stands out.
  2. If you want to look elegant and professional. Picture this: You are in a networking event and you get to meet two designers. You know that a few months down the line you are going to need someone to design flyers for your business so you want to get contact information from a number of the designers in attendance. When you mention this, one of them scrambles to find a pen and something to write on and the other simply reaches into his pocket and pulls out a business card. Who would you pick?
  3. Some of your customers are in the older generation. Although everybody seems to have embraced the use of technology, there are still a number of people who prefer to do things the old way. You can’t force a lifestyle on your customers so if you are going to offer your products or services to this group of people, then you will need to adjust yourself accordingly.
  4. In some cultures, you will need to have a business card to make business deals. Exchanging business cards is a crucial part of creating business relationships in some countries. For instance, in Japan and a good number of Asian countries, you will be judged by the quality and condition of your business cards. In Hong Kong, failing to offer your business card could be taken to mean that you don’t want to do business. If you do business in these countries, failing to carry business cards could be limiting your business.

Business Card Templates

A business card template is what you build your business card on. With that in mind, it’s hard to make a good business card from a bad template. Luckily, with a good template, you will be able to save the money that you would have to pay a professional designer to make one from you. If you do your due diligence, you can easily come up with a nice, professional business card design from a free template.

The million dollar question then becomes: what makes a good business card template outstanding?

Before we look at the best free business card templates, let’s take a look at some of the things that a business card template should have.

Elements of a Good Business Card Template

  • White space. A good business card should be easy to read. This means that it should be easy on the eyes hence white space is important. The template should have places for you to put in text and other relevant information, but it should also have empty white spaces.
  • Colors. Branding is very critical in determining the success of a company and it should not be overemphasized. The chosen template should allow you to change the colors of different items on the design to your company colors. This will ensure that your brand is consistent hence customers will be able to identify your company easily.
  • Logo. Just like the colors, your company logo can be seen as the face of your company. As a result, it should be included in the business card. It will help customers to easily identify your brand.
  • Contact information. The main aim of exchanging business cards is to share contact information in an easy to consume way. With this in mind, you should ensure that your contact information is presented clearly an in a manner that anyone who gets the business card will find it easy to understand. If you have your work and mobile phone numbers, make sure they are well labeled to avoid confusion.

These are the basic elements that each business card should have. Depending on your industry and the message you want to send to your potential customers, you can be able to add some other details and still remain relevant. Some of these details include QR codes and images.


Now that we have all that out of the way, let’s go straight to the templates. All these templates are free to use so you can use them on your personal or professional business card with no problems. The writing on a business card communicates essential contact information but the design will tell your customers much more about your business. Browse through the templates below and ensure that you are communicating the right message.

1. Orange Corporate Business Card

This business card employs a predominantly orange theme, with ample room for all the vital elements. In addition, you’ll also get space for QR Code should you decide to use it on the business card. It is printed on both sides, but the back side only has the logo and company name.


behance.net | Ismail Hossain

2. Flat Design Business Card With Long Shadow

This card has all the elements necessary to make it a professional business card, while at the same time it is a bit playful if you don’t want to look too serious. It is the card to use if you want to tell your potential customers that you are reliable and can be trusted to deliver.



3. Corporate Business Card

Like the name suggests, this card speaks nothing but professionalism. The design is sharp and minimal, having only the necessary elements. These elements have been presented clearly and concisely so you don’t have to worry about distractions. It clearly tells your customers that you mean business and that you can be trusted to deliver.


behance.net | malinemati

4. Facebook Business Card

This is a playful business card that you can use to promote your social presence. Like the name suggests, it is built looking like a Facebook profile and as a result, you will need a Facebook profile to get the best results. Ideally, you should use it to increase your likes and followers. There is a section where you can place QR code that points directly to your page for an even faster experience. It is unique and creative.


behance.net | malinemati

5. Blue Corporate Business Card

This business card gives you the chance to add a unique design with more colors other than the standard black and white common on simple business cards. The elements have been designed to give a professional look that will ensure that no one questions your validity. It’s also printed on both sides but the back only has the company name and the company website URL.


behance.net | Ismail Hossain

6. Blue and White Business Card with World Map

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant business card, this is the one to go for. The main part of the business card has a faded world map that could indicate that you are open to do business globally. The back side has room for your company name, logo and slogan and the front has more space for detailed contact information. The back and front design is similar, though the black and white sections have been swapped to give an incredible design.


behance.net | CRISTAL Pioneer

7. Die Cut Business Card Template

This is a minimalistic business card design that still has room for all the necessary elements to enable your customer to reach out. The main feature on both sides is a large text balloon that that you can use to attract attention to the important elements. Below the balloon you’ll find room for a phone number, email address and website URL.



8. Cat Business Card

If you are a cat lover or your business is associated to these lovable animals in one way or the other, then this is the business card template to use. It looks professional but is still very clear about the nature of the business. Thanks to the unique design, it’s also very hard to forget.



9. Clean and Creative Multicolor Business Card Template

Although many multicolor business card templates look more playful than professional, this one can be used for both purposes. It has vibrant color blends that make it ideal for creative professionals. These include designers, videographers, artists and even people in the entertainment industry.



10. Creative Business Card Template

This one is the ideal template for someone who wants to look creative and playful. It shows that you are not ready to be bound by any rules, which also shows your ability to think outside the box. It is brightly colored with space for the name, phone number and address. This design is perfect for artists who want to show their creative sides.



11. Unique and Modern Corporate Business Card Template

With plenty of white space this design looks neat and extremely organized. There’s enough room for all the information that your customers need and at the same time, there is a thin line filled with warm colors at the bottom to ensure that the design is not monotonous. It’s simple but very effective.



12. Black and White QR Code Business Card Template

Despite having the common black and white color that many people would be quick to call dull, the design is far from dull. The elements are neatly arranged to ensure that the card is practical and appealing to the eye. There is space for a company name, logo and QR Code that can point to whatever you like.



13. Professional and Creative Blue Business Card Template

This design is clean, simple but very elegant. It has been designed using vibrant colors that will ensure that your card stands out. On top of the standard contact details that you would expect to find in a business card, this design also has space for QR code.


behance.net | Shohagh Hossen

14. Creative Color Spectrum Business Card Template

Like the name suggests, this template is about colors. Both sides are filled with a spectrum of diagonal color strips that will make it really stand out. This is the design for you if you want to look creative and dazzling. It has provision for adding QR code next to the standard elements.



15. Modern Tricolor Business Card Template for Professional

Like the name suggests, this business card makes use of three colors to present the vital elements. It comes with a professional design that will serve you well if you want to look reliable and devoted to your trade. The three colors are black, red and white and they have been used on both faces of the business card.



16. Creative Speech Bubble Business Card Template

This design is simple and easy to understand. The design is also bright hence you don’t have to worry about your business card being too dull. The template is based on a speech bubble. The main contact details are placed in the bubble and the name and title on a darker strip on the top left part of the card. There’s also room for social pages outside the speech bubble.



17. Minimal Business Card Template

This business card template comes with a minimalistic design featuring only the necessary elements that a business card should have. The rest of the space is filled with small, uniformly-spaced grey crosses. It’s a simple design that can work in any industry.


deviantart.com | karmicfix

18. Stylish and Modern Tab Design

This business card template is for the professional who doesn’t want to look too serious. It is a tri-color design that has space for all the necessary elements. The cards will be printed on both sides, but the back will only have the business name and a slogan.



19. Free Blue Business Card Template

The emphasis on this business card template is the company logo, so this is a great design for you if you have an easily identifiable company logo. Both sides have spaces where you can put the logo and it would be great if the company name can be included within the logo image. However, you can still place the name alongside the logo so this is not a requirement.



20. Creative Zigzag Design Business Card Template

If you are looking to stand out, then this is the design to use. Unlike most of the common business cards built with a landscape orientation, this one has a portrait orientation. It also has simple but conspicuous zigzag lines separating the different sections.



21. Clean and Minimal Creative Business Card Design

This template will produce simple cards that come with everything that you need to give your prospective customers. It’s printed on both sides with the same shade of blue. It however uses a unique placement of the standard business card elements to ensure that you get something outstanding and informative.



22. Minimal Color Dot Business Card Template

With a unique color dot design, this template is ideal for artists and designers. There is a lot of empty space that ensures that all the vital elements stand out. It’s printed on both sides but the back face is only for your name or company name.



23. Fun and Creative Business Card Design

This design is for the people who want to look playful and non-formal. It doesn’t have a lot of details on the back side, but the front is free to include anything missing. The back has your name, you company name and the website in colored circles. It’s creative, fun and will definitely stand out from the crowd.



24. Beautiful Retro Business Card Template

The simple retro design is what makes this business card stand out. Rather than having the common rectangular shape on all the other business cards, this one comes with curved corners. This means that whenever your customers look at their pile of business cards, yours will quickly catch their eye. There’s also ample room for all the vital elements like your name, title, company name etc.



25. Cool and Refreshing Business Card Template

With bright pointed color blocks with arrows pointing to the right, this business card is a balance of a professional outlook and a cool and refreshing friendly appearance. The name and business name appear in large fonts, and there is ample room for contact details below the business name. Both sides are printed with matching colors.



26. Simple Colorful Business Card Template

This template is as simple as they come. It has space for a business name and logo on the front face, and more detailed information at the back. Both sides come with the same color and a portrait orientation. This orientation and simple design are unique and will certainly stand out from the others.


vectorss.com | an1ken

27. Photographer Business Card Template

Like the name suggests, this one is for photographers. In addition to giving information about the business, this template enables photographers to showcase some of their work. Instead of having empty space on the card, this template places photographs on unused space on the card. You can place a photo as the background on the back side and two photos on the front alongside your contact information.



28. Creative and Clean Business Card Template

With a stylish grid design, this business card has space for all the elements. These spaces have been neatly arranged to ensure that you look organized and reliable. The back side has an assortment of icons to ensure that you don’t look too serious.



29. Simple andClean Creative Business Card Template

This is one of the professional business card templates that will ensure that you have a clear presentation with no distractions. It tells your customers that you mean business and can be relied upon to go in, get your message across and get out.



30. Simple Orange and Black Business Card template

This business card is about simplicity. The design is not complicated and all the elements are clear and concise. There are no distractions since the only non-text elements on the design are a few stars and lines. It is perfect for videographers and the entertainment industry.



31. Art Color Business Card Template

If you are a designer or artist and you want to look professional, then this is the template to work with. Everything is placed in the exact position to ensure that the contact details don’t get covered and at the same time there is enough color to ensure that it’s clear that you are an artist.



32. Creative Business Card Template v2

Creativity is evident after one simple glance at this template. Rather than having the plain old business card design that we all know, this one uses rectangular boxes. Each of these boxes holds a specific detail that your prospective customer might want to know about your business. Information about your social pages is placed in distinct boxes that have been colored according to the specific social network’s primary colors. Your name and company name is in larger fonts to make it stand out.



33. Simple and Effective Corporate Business Card Template

Being a corporate business card design, this template is professional and will indicate that you are a serious and reliable individual. It has enough white space and no distractions from the primary elements. However, this should not be mistaken to mean that it is a boring design. It has the perfect blend of color and all the elements have been placed strategically to make the design look neat and organized.



34. Clean and Modern Tricolor Business Card Template

This design is the perfect mix of vibrancy and professionalism. The back of the card looks simple and very similar to what you would expect with just the company name and logo, but the front side has a unique blend of color that works well with the placement of the different elements. This brings out the creative side of your business without throwing away professionalism.



35. Clean and Minimal Metro Style Business Card Template

This template gives you a simple and neat design with the rate portrait orientation that makes it unique. It’s printed on both sides and has room for all the elements you would want to have in a professional business card.



36. Clean and Elegant Creative Business Card Template

This card is about maximizing white space without throwing away the vibrant colors. The template produces a creative business card with all the vital contact details, your company logo, the business name and a slogan. The colors and design are similar on both sides of the business card, but the front has more contact information.



37. Vibrant Multi-Color Business Card Template

This business card is a mix of a bit of playfulness and professionalism. The back face has the business name and logo centrally placed on a white rectangle with an impression of color cut-out ribbons on either side. The front of the card has these same colors on the labels for the different contact details.



38. Metro Style Business Card Template with QR Code

The metro design is what has it going for this template. Everything apart from the rectangular portion surrounding the job title is black and white. It has all the vital contact details and a section for QR code that you can use to point prospective customers to your work portfolio or anything else that you would like them to see.



39. Professional QR Code Business Card Template

This template comes with orange and black design with plenty of white space. It also comes with portrait orientation to bring a change to what we normally expect from business cards. It looks beautiful and professional and can be easily applied in a wide range of industries.



40. Real Estate Business Card

This one has been built with the real estate professional in mind. It has an illustration of a house on the back side to give customers an impression of what you do at a glance even before they read what is written on the card.



41. Cool Blue Creative Business Card Template

This one is simple, creative and more importantly, professional. The colors blend nicely with each other, making it a good fit for numerous industries. It features just the right amount of white space to ensure that all the main elements are clear to the observer.



42. Colorful Corporate Business Card

This is a modern business card template that has been made with a diamond overlay that depicts sophistication and class. It also has a colored front face and a dark back face that can be changed to your company’s brand colors to make it consistent with your marketing materials.



43. Stylish and Creative Vertical Business Card Template

With just the perfect color blend, this template brings you a stunning and professional design that can work in multiple industries. The back of the card is dark, but the front side has a blend of bright colors behind the contact details. There is space for your logo, company name, title and all the vital contact details.



44. Modern Business Card Vector Graphic

If you don’t want to settle for something plain, this business card template will help you stir things up. Both sides have jagged points with different shades of pink. It is the modern and stylish look that will communicate sophistication to potential clients.



45. Cool and Unique Business Card Template with QR Code

This professional and dark business card template will serve you well if you want to look professional and sophisticated. Both sides are dark, but they have green sections that have blended well with the dark background. Alongside your company name and logo on the back, there is room for QR code.



46. Retro Business Card Template

This list would be incomplete if we didn’t have something for the people who like to keep everything plain and simple. This template takes us back to where it all began. It’s a simple and functional design that will work in any industry.



47. Classy and Elegant Vertical Business Card Template

With a portrait design, this business card is classy and simple. It has a colorful design that can work perfectly in many industries. It is simple and unique and will give make you look reliable and professional.



48. Bold Business Card Template with Carbon Fiber Background

If you love the strength and elegance of carbon fiber, then this business card template will work for you. It comes with a dark background with a textured background that looks like carbon fiber and a brightly colored inline layout that ensures that your information is easy to view. This classy look makes it fit for use as a personal or professional business card.



49. Creative and Unique Metro Style Business Card Template

This is a simple design that can be used in almost any industry. It will work perfectly for a personal business card for your side hustle and at the same time it will function perfectly as your professional business card.



50. Black and White Business Card

This is a simple design that speaks nothing but elegance. The front is grey in color and that’s where the contact details go. The logo and business name go to the black back side. Both sides have an elegant overlay made up of alternating triangles.



51. Creative Investment and Marketing Business Card Template

The highlight of this business card template is the included line graph impression on the front side of the card. This makes it ideal for professionals in marketing and investment management because it tells your potential customers that you are up to date with all the modern trends.



52. Red Tie Business Card Template

Like the name suggests, this is a template that produces business cards that appear to be wearing a red tie. The back side has red strips on either side of your company name that appear like ties. The front is also black, but it has red highlights that make the card look nice and professional.



53. Modern Business Card Template

In addition to the modern design, this business card template comes with a nice color blend that makes it perfect for portraying whatever message that you like. The colors can be changed, which means that you will be able to adjust them and make them look like your primary brand colors if you want to.



54. Free Premium Business Card Template

Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this template speaks nothing but elegance. There’s room for all the contact details and no distractions hence it is the perfect design if you want to look professional and elegant.



55. Free PSD Transparent Plastic Business Card

Transparent business cards make you look cool and trendy. If that is the impression that you would like to create, then this is the template for you. It is customizable and easy to produce an elegant and professional business card.



56. Creative Photography Business Card Template

This one is made specifically for photographers who want to look professional and at the same time show off some of their work. You’ll be able to kill these two birds with a single stone in this template because it has room for a photo, and all the other contact details that should be included in a business card.



57. Flat Business Card PSD Template

This is a flashy template that presents the vital contact details in a colorful and neat manner. It has provision for QR code and it has easily to understand icons in place of the labels for the different contact details.



58. Personal Visiting Card PSD Template

This is a template with a simple design that can create both personal and professional business cards. It comes with a cool shade of green that can be changed to whatever color you like to ensure that you get a unique and custom design.



59. Creative and Modern Business Card Template

This template will produce cute and playful business cards. The design can be easily customized with any image that you like, or you can choose to go with the included image. This makes it flexible for use in diverse industries by simply changing the background images. It is creative and fun.



60. Colorful Line Business Card Template

This is a simple design comprised of vertical colored lines and white space behind the lines and the contact details. The labels for the contact details are easy to understand icons and there is room for QR code.



61. Brandica Corporate Business Card Template

As a corporate business card template, the design is simple and elegant. Just one look at it will tell your customers that you know what you are doing and that you are good at it. It is professional and has room for all the vital contact details and QR code.



62. Colorful Business Card PSD Template

Like the name suggests, this template is full of color. This means that the business cards produced with give a fun and creative impression of you on your potential customers. It’s still decent enough if you want to look professional and reliable.



63. Flat Transparent Plastic Business Card Template

For a perfect mix of professionalism and creativity, this is the template to go for. It’s printed on transparent plastic so the empty space will be see-through. It even has space for QR code alongside the contact details. It is the design to go for to look reliable, professional and trendy.



64. Smooth and Flowy Creative Business Card Template

This template produces simple and creative business cards that work well for professionals in a wide range of industries who want to look elegant, simple and reliable. It has a nice blend of color that does not distract from the main elements.



65. Business Card Template and Mockup

Designed with colored triangles making a 2D pyramid on both faces, this business card is perfect for the corporate world. You will look sharp, professional and reliable. If you also want to display your business card, the template also comes with a mockup file.



66. Amethyst Free Business Card Template

This business card is built with a pink girlish design that is a good fit for creative fields. If you want to look creative, reliable and fun, this is the template to use for your business cards.



67. Unique Corporate Business Card

This template brings a unique design to the corporate business card world. QR code is place in the middle of the back side and the front has the contact details. The used shade of green blends well with the dark theme to give a sharp and classy design.



68. Refreshing Green QR Code Business Card Template

The layout on this template is creative, with a perfect blend of color that will produce a modern corporate business card. It will make you look trendy and stylish. The QR code will also make you look modern.



69. Graphic Design Business Card Template

This template seeks to ensure that your business card tells potential customers what you do at a glance. It has a perfect color blend that ensures that the elements are clear and visible. There’s also room for QR code.



70. Blurry Circles Business Card Template

If you are in the entertainment industry, this template will be perfect for you. The background has blurry circles that look like faded disco lights. The dark color also makes it ideal for this industry.



71. Free Vintage Business Card Template

If you are looking for simplicity, business card templates don’t get any simpler than this. This is the template to use if you want to look cool, simple and elegant. The retro design is cheap and easy to print and you will still stand out.


behance.net | Pixel Brain CS

72. Free Modern Business Card Template

This one is modern, colorful and unique. You’ll get to communicate your contact details in style while appearing fun and creative.


behance.net | Pixel Brain CS

73. Square Business Card Template

If you are bored with rectangular business cards, then this one will make things more exciting for you. It comes with just as much space as the normal rectangular business cards, but with a square layout.


behance.net | Steven Han

74. Aroma Corporate Business Card Template

This one is about a unique and natural blend of color and positioning of the key elements. It looks great and will make you look professional and trustworthy.


behance.net | MohamMad ShahRukh

75. Blue Business Card Template

This one comes with beautiful pixelated blue boxes that leave room for your company name and contact details at the middle.




When it comes to business card designs, there is no blanket design that can be said to the best. This is because the effectiveness of the design is determined by the industry you operate in, your customers and the personality that you want your business to have.

This means that what works for one business will probably not work as well in the next one. To ensure that you get the best first impression, let’s take a look at some of the things to look out for when choosing a business card template to use.

  1. Industry. There are some industries that are more formal than others. For example, an artist can have a more playful business card design than, say a real estate broker. Make sure you pick a design that works for your industry.
  2. Personal or Professional. Another factor to consider is the use of the business cards. Will they be for your daytime job or your side hustle? This will tell you if they need to be strictly formal or if you can add an element of playfulness.
  3. Brand Colors. Choosing a business card template with your company logo and brand colors in mind will help you achieve consistency across all platforms. Consistency is your friend because it will promote your brand.
  4. Layout. If you plant to make any changes to the layout of the business card, make sure that none of the elements will be negatively affected. In some designs, a small change in the layout could result in the card losing its visual appeal.
  5. Paper Type. Check to ensure that your printer shop has the required paper for the design that you want. Some designs should be printed on transparent papers while others need glossy papers. Don’t assume that they all will look just as good on any paper.

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