Setting up a business can be a wonderful venture but many individuals are usually discouraged by the idea of assessing the market and understanding the startup costs.

Due to this, people find themselves force fully working 10-hour desk jobs that they aren’t happy in.

This article demonstrates 35 ideas that are ideal for individuals looking to start their very first business with very little capital.


Be Your Own Boss

The greatest factor that business owners enjoy is the joy of independence to perform the work tasks the way they desire.

Freedom from senior management, freedom from taking calls from the upper management, and decisions you aren’t happy with — Say goodbye to them!

As a business owner, you are in charge of the company’s growth and are responsible for taking all the key responsibilities.

Think of having your own business as owning your own garden and watering your own plants. You get to see the plants grow and you will be proud when they eventually become well-established fruit-providing trees.

Excellent Work-Life Balance

As a business owner, you set your own work timings and you enjoy a work-life balance by making your own schedule.

Research by Indiana University has shown that work-life balance is key to maintaining positive health and over 15% of participants were exposed to stressful environments causing them to experience fatal deaths in the long run.

By running your own business, you can provide your employees with flexible work timings and a vacation leave to ensure your employees are happy with the company and improve their productivity.

You get to choose the type of employees that work for your company, creating a work culture.

For example — If you’re working at a digital media company, you can hire freshers and youngsters with a style and create wall paintings to give a vibrant and youthful work atmosphere.

With this type of work environment, employees would love to come to work every day, therefore increasing your company’s net profits.

Enjoy the Challenge of Risk and Reap the Rewards

The famous quote — “No Pain No Gain” is something the entire business environment is built upon.

Risks are challenges that come to entrepreneurs frequently, the ability to deal with these risks demonstrates a smart business owner from a rash one. Enjoy the challenges as these are stepping stones for your company.

Once you overcome these challenges, you are rewarded with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You get all the profits of the company and you get to take the company forward the way you feel right.

Mark Dinges of California Creations states “The thing I enjoy most about the company is playing the ‘game’ of business,”.

And rightly so — every business is a competitive game and the thrill of being at the top is an adrenaline rush like no other.

Feel Proud of Building Something of your Own

Investment Coach, Peter Leeds states, “There is nothing like being successful through your own leadership, abilities, ideas, and efforts,”.

One of the greatest excitement in the life of a business owner is to experience the growth of his company from a small business to a large industry.

The benefit of building your own brand from scratch is far greater than working as an employee of an existing brand.

In the long run, you get to hand over the reins of your company to much more established young men to lead the company through the test of time.

Take Apple for example, when Steve Jobs co-founded it, he ran a successful company which he then passed over to Tim Cook in 2011, who continues to lead the company in the exact same path set by Jobs.


1. Computer Repair

Setting up a computer repair business is a lucrative way to generate profits as computers are all over the globe and more are added daily.

As a computer service representative, you will never run out of orders to service components or software from a given organization.

Computer repair services include servicing — monitor, mouse-types, laptops, keyboards, modems, electronic peripherals like scanners and printers, etc.

This type of business grows into a large organization in no time when the clients come rolling in.

Things to Know

  • Experience in computer hardware and software is necessary
  • Licensing is necessary
  • Employees require a training program

2. Virtual Assistant

Many online businesses are in dire need of assistants that can help them in running several tasks such as social media management, advertising, brand awareness, etc.

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great business idea as the pay is anywhere from $10 per hour to $25 per hour depending on your expertise.

A virtual assistant is a home-based business and doesn’t require you to report to an organization. Every task is conducted and completed from the comfort of your home. Virtual assistants are usually hired on a contract basis or as an employee.

Things to Know

3. Social Media Consultant

If you fancy spending time on social media sites, why not make it a source of income?

A social media consultant is a perfect career path for those looking to help companies with directing customers to their business and boosting overall sales.

As a social media consultant, it’s necessary to understand the industry you are working with and how to enhance their brand awareness.

Things to Know

4. Product Reviewer

A reviewer’s job is to inform customers about the type of products they are purchasing with detailed product analysis and breakdowns listing advantages and disadvantages.

You can approach companies directly and offer your services to review their product in exchange for monetary compensation.

A reviewer can build his portfolio and trustworthiness overtime and a lucrative business can be started by providing their valuable expertise.

Things to Know

  • A reviewer should have their own website and write blogs regularly to keep his readers informed of new and upcoming products
  • Always try and test the product before writing a review. Your readers will not follow someone who offers biased reviews

5. Meal Prep Business

Food is a great industry to get into if you love cooking and have a passion for it.

Many clients prefer to indulge in healthy diets and don’t have the time to cook their own food due to their hectic schedule.

That’s where you come in, you can prepare the food depending on their tastes and provide them with their daily nutrition in the form of meal prepping.

Meal prep is a lucrative business even with few clients, all it requires is a kitchen and fresh food to ensure your clients are satisfied.

Things to Know

  • Keep a list of ingredients that your clients don’t prefer or are allergic to. Knowledge is power in the food business
  • You can ensure you make a doorstep visit and explain the nutritional benefits of meal prep and why they can remain healthy by following a diet
  • Explain the money-saving advantages to your clients to make them shift to a healthy plan

6. Application Developer

Every time a new business or product is launched, an app is also launched alongside it to ensure mobile and web users are provided with convenient access.

An app developer is always in demand and all you do is create an app for the company based on their requirement.

If you can provide them with the right marketing strategy to achieve their profits, you’ll surely be rolling in profits without having to work a 9 – 5 jobs.

Things to Know

7. Bookkeeping Services

If you are great with numbers and are looking for a job in bookkeeping, then becoming a freelance bookkeeper is an exceptional way to guarantee income and work on your own time.

As a freelance bookkeeper, you are required to manage balance sheets, create monthly statements, various financial reports, profit and loss statements, etc.

Things to Know

  • Invoicing tools are a bookkeeper’s best friend. Use them!
  • Start a website such as Bench to automate bookkeeping for your clients

8. Online Dating Consultant

Matchmaking is a wonderful way to create a business as there are thousands of potential single individuals looking to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right.

You can help them find their true love by becoming their dating consultant and offering them advice on how to proceed. The job requires a lot of responsibility as you will guide someone’s entire life in the right direction.

Things to Know

  • A website based on online dating with your consultancy services is mandatory to reach clients
  • Managing their dating profiles is your responsibility as well to get them the right match

9. Web Security Consultant

Every business faces a devious threat on the web from malicious hackers and viruses.

It’s your job as an internet security consultant to provide companies with the best security possible in securing their valuable files and sensitive customer information.

Companies pay big money to the right agent that can protect their data.

Things to Know

  • To become a cybersecurity expert, technical skill in the following areas are necessary — firewall management, software penetration, knowledge in programming languages, hacking and coding practices, encryption techniques, and familiarity in operating systems.
  • Communication must be instant to inform your clients of incoming threats and guiding them to the best possible solution

10. Graphic Designer

Organizations are on the constant lookout for logos, emblems, fliers, magazines, advertisement copy, and other creative designs.

This is where you fill that requirement by providing them with the perfect graphic designs to enhance their product and ensure their customers are attracted to their product.

As a graphic designer, your responsibility will be in creating unique logos for websites depending on their requirement.

Things to Know

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are applications that every graphic designer should be proficient in
  • Plenty of freelance sites offer graphic designers with a way to earn their income efficiently

11. Editorial Agency

Setting up a business that deals with web content writing, ghostwriting, proofreading, editing, indexing, article writing, etc. requires little to no investment.

You can start by doing these services yourself and begin to add employees to assist you as you increase the number of clients.

Editorial services are very much in demand due to the number of startups and companies launching every year.

The demand for content has risen and you can make yourself a nice profit on the side while ensuring you manage your client base.

Things to Know

  • Here’s an in-depth tutorial to set up your editorial business from scratch
  • Manage a few clients during the launch phase to get the hang of the business

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing pays good money to marketers who can advertise products on their blogs and provide detailed information on the type of services provided.

The best part about affiliate marketing is the freedom of choosing your own products and marketing them through various sources — media, blogs, e-mail marketing, etc.

Things to Know

  • YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook are great mediums to gain an audience for your product
  • Amazon Associate Program is a great source for affiliate marketers to make a steady income

13. Translator

Do you have a knack for learning more than one languages? Why not convert this extensive knowledge into a full-fledged business scheme?

A translator is one of the most convenient and in-demand business around the globe.

You can become a translator exclusively for tourists looking to hire you on a per-day basis, you could opt to translate for companies looking to launch their product in another country or you could simply translate for films and production houses.

Things to Know

  • It’s important to be extremely proficient in the language before you begin to start your translating business
  • Increase the number of languages over time to earn more profits as a translator

14. Financial Advisor

Even big organizations need help when it comes to managing finances.

Hence, a financial advisor’s job is to provide the necessary advice on how an industry can better invest their earnings and how to organize their profits in the best situation possible.

To start off as a financial advisor, you can begin by providing free advice to your family and friends, as compensation ask them to simply pass on the word if they are satisfied.

It’s important to build your client base before you begin to count your profits.

Things to Know

  • Ensure you apply for the Certified Financial Planner certificate, the CFP course is extremely critical to proving your expertise
  • Begin with individual clients and move on to organizations once you are confident of handling big money

15. Resume Writer

Countless individuals are looking for well-written concise resumes to impress their hiring managers.

The skills required to write a resume are basic — you need to be great at punctuation and know how to write well.

A resume writer will always have work as long as employment is present in the world.

All the equipment you need to get started is a laptop and a knack for writing.

Things to Know

  • Resume writers usually charge by the hour or a daily pay rate
  • Here are some great tips to follow for starting your resume writing career

16. Tax Consultant

How many times have you heard of companies getting in trouble for not filing their taxes on time?

A tax consultant’s job is to ensure the company doesn’t have to worry about their tax filings anymore.

It’s also the tax consultant’s responsibility to ensure all information relating to tax is brought to the notice of the company.

If you can handle the job of managing the day-to-day tax operations of companies, you have a great career path ahead of you.

Things to Know

  • A certification course in Certified Public Account(CPA) is mandatory to conduct tax filings.
  • You can either freelance or start an agency as a tax consultant

17. Blogger

Who’d have thought that writing articles can be a lucrative business? Today there are several bloggers that earn more than $100,000 per month. It takes hard work to hit a 6-figure income but you can begin by earning a 4-figure income today. All you need is a website and your commitment to getting started. You can choose an industry that you are passionate about and write articles based on them, then choose convenient ways to get paid such as Google AdSense, product promotion, etc.

Things to Know

  • Ensure your articles and website are SEO-friendly to generate organize traffic
  • You need to provide useful articles that help your readers understand everything there is to know about the product or service you are writing about

18. Packers & Movers

In the modern day, people are always looking to move from one place to another.

Whether it’s career decisions or personal reasons, moving can be a hassle and individuals usually seek a company’s services to help them relocate.

Starting a “packers and movers” business is quite simple, you need the materials required to pack — duct tape, cardboard boxes, a few handymen and a transportable vehicle.

Things to Know

  • Launch your business in the local neighborhood before you approach the larger areas.
  • Customers rejoice when their items are delivered to them in mint condition. It’s necessary to train your handymen to be extra-careful when dealing with glassware and delicate objects

19. Professional Photography

Photos are used in everyone’s lives, be it wedding photography, website content, blogs, magazines, etc.

Photography is a lucrative business and is an exciting way to travel the world and click photos of nature and man-made structures.

You could also stay put and become a wedding photographer and ensure you capture the most intimate moments of couples in your hometown.

Things to Know

  • You can pursue a photography course to ensure you click gorgeous and breathtaking pictures
  • Invest in a professional DSLR to get the right dimension and exceptional image quality

20. Courier Services

Courier services require absolutely no investment other than your regular vehicle used for transport. The responsibility lies in ensuring the packaged items are delivered to their destination on time.

Many businesses prefer to pay for courier services instead of choosing expensive ways of sending important parcels to their destination.

As a courier, your job is to ensure the parcel reaches the destination within the allotted time slot.

Things to Know

  • Offer your courier services in flexible time slots to build demand for your business
  • Consider an alternate means of transport in case your vehicle breaks down

21. Mentoring

Everyone requires inspiration to achieve success. As a lifecoach or mentor, your job is to provide the necessary guidance for individuals looking for that extra shoulder to lean on.

Mentorship requires you to be able to push individuals to the extreme to achieve their goals and advise them on a calculated plan.

Whether it’s youngsters looking to excel in sports or failed businessmen who have no motivation in moving past failure, your goal is to rejuvenate their minds.

Things to Know

  • Target your mentorship to a niche audience such as — youngsters, businessmen, housewives, etc.
  • Accredited institutions such as International Coaching Federation and International Association of Coaching provide various coaching programs to establish yourself as a life coach

22. Currency Trading

A currency trading business is not only profitable but requires very little technical knowledge to get started.

Thanks to the internet, currency traders no longer need to visit trade exchanges or call their stockbrokers to place a trade.

As a currency trader, you can trade in the comfort of your home and understand the fundamental basics of trading in a few weeks through online tutorials.

Things to Know

  • Currency trading may be illegal in a few countries, so it’s best to check with your local government offices
  • Currency trading should always be started in small amounts to learn the ropes of trading before you go in big. The market is highly risky and there are no guaranteed methods to make profits

23. Travel Agency

Every year, individuals are always looking to book their holiday vacations via travel agencies to visit their favored destinations.

When setting up a travel agency, it’s necessary to have an online platform to allow customers to conveniently place their bookings.

Offer discounts in the initial launch phase to attract travelers to choose your platform over other competitors.

Things to Know

  • To boost sales, you can offer free airport pickup and drops to your clients
  • Car rentals and tours can be arranged by your agency to further rake in the profits

24. Flipping Websites

Buying websites for cheap and then selling them at a profit is a great business idea for those who can identify value. It requires the presence of mind to understand the website market — which niche tends to do the best and which doesn’t.

As a website flipper, you need to understand the revenue a current website generates, the traffic that the website attracts, and above all the authenticity of the website. You don’t want to be making a bad purchase which may lead to copyright claims.

Things to Know

  • Flippa is a popular website marketplace where many sellers and buyers gather to conduct trades
  • You could also buy a cheap website that has aged well, add web content and tools and increase the value of the website before putting it up on auction

25. Patient Advocacy Services

An extremely community-driven business where you will provide aid to several ill and grieving patients that need your help the most.

Much of your responsibilities lie in establishing insurances for patients, argue cases on behalf of the patient to claim insurance, and helping patients with document work in hospitals.

Patient advocacy services are in demand all through the globe and you can feel noble at the end of the day by helping those who are in dire need of your services.

Things to Know

  • Certificate programs such as PPAC (Professional Patient Advocate Certificate) can be pursued to add expertise
  • It’s necessary to fully understand the patient before you can provide them with necessary insurance plans

26. Drop shipping

One of the most popular business ideas in this list is drop shipping.

As a drop shipper, you create a website showcasing products from a third-party website, when a customer makes a purchase from your site, you automatically purchase the product from the third-party vendor and earn a commission for your sales.

The logistics and warranty are provided by the third-party vendor, your job is only to get customers to make a purchase.

Things to Know

  • Doba is a popular drop shipping website to set up your first online store
  • Drop shipping requires no capital to start other than a fully functional website

27. Videography

Video production is a lucrative business with plenty of media platforms such as YouTube and Daily Motion offering youngsters with a chance to become famous.

Your responsibility will be to edit and create high-quality videos for your clients.

You may be needed to hire voiceover artists and create music videos.

This high profile business may require some investment to acquire the video production equipment, but in the long run, it’s a small price to pay.

Things to Know

  • Plenty of video production courses are available on Udemy for both beginners and advanced users to get started
  • Video production can be a one-person business but adding employees can ease your workload

28. E-commerce Website

You’ve got the goods to sell but don’t have the investment to pay the rent and employee wages to run an actual store?

No problem, simply open an online e-commerce store to sell your products.

All you need is a domain name and web hosting to set up your online store. An online store attracts customers from all over the globe that your retail store can’t do.

In this way, you can rake in more profits by establishing your very own e-commerce website.

Things to Know

  • Online tutorials are available for a step-by-step guide to establishing your online store
  • Once you’ve made your first few sales, invest in social media marketing to gain a targeted audience to increase profits

29. Massage Therapist

A relaxing business idea that deals with utilizing scented oils and therapeutic massages to relieve your clients from their stressful minds is the job of a masseuse.

Some investment is required to invest in a massage bed, massage products, and various essential oils.

Once set up, you can enjoy a loyal clientele that will return to your premises every month to enjoy a relaxing massage session.

Things to Know

  • A license is mandatory to set up a massage clinic, various states require various licenses
  • Certification is necessary as you will be involved with triggering the sensitive spots of the human body to relieve pent-up tension

30. Personal Trainer

The benefits of being a personal trainer are that you get to enjoy a fit and energetic lifestyle alongside of watching your clients shed their fat over time.

A personal trainer doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work a job at a local gym, you can be a freelancer if you wish and visit your clientshomes via apps and by setting up a professional website showcasing your achievements.

Things to Know

  • Here are the top 5 personal training programs available. Certification is mandatory to pursue fitness training
  • A personal trainer must look fit, hence, you are required to always remain physically fit by utilizing supplements

31. Dog Training and Grooming Services

While dog walking is a popular way to set up a business, there isn’t much profits toearn from just walking dogs.

Hence, establish services to provide dog owners with ways to groom their lovable pets and offer to train their lovely canines to do tricks they couldn’t perform before.

Not only is dog training and grooming services a lucrative business, you get to sell dog products alongside for further profits.

Things to Know

  • Dog groomers require a certification course before they can establish their business
  • Pets require patience and love, hence, only venture into this business if you share a love for animals

32. Bed and Breakfast

Plenty of travelers require a place to spend the night on their journey, if you have a spare room available in your home, it’s a great opportunity to turn it into a lodging space.

You can earn money by providing traveling guests with a room and providing them with free breakfast.

Additionally, you can grow the business by partnering up with local tour guides, providing maps for sale, and other souvenirs at the front desk.

Things to Know

  • There is no license required to start a bread and breakfast, although you may require one depending on your state to open a lodging business
  • Hygiene should be maintained by cleaning and tidying up the room after a guest has checked out, this is to ensure your guests are happy with your accommodation
  • Advertise your lodging services on Airbnb to increase awareness

33. Interior Designer

Do you love decorating people’s homes or offices with your unique vision?

Every homemaker or businessman will have their own requirements and may seek your advice to come up with a great décor for their home or office.

Much of the research has to be conducted at your home and you can present the final work on paper to your clients.

Things to Know

  • An interior designer requires a certification course completed before he or she can conduct their services
  • Ensure you ask a lot of questions to get the best knowledge of the type of décor your clients want

34. Tour Guide

Cities and towns are usually the best places for tourists to explore but they can’t understand the history all by themselves and are usually looking for a tour guide to hire.

As a tour guide, you can conduct walking trips, bicycle trips, entertainment packages, taxi services, and fun games to interact with your customers.

A tour guide can be a wonderful way to meet new people from other countries and understand their way of life.

Things to Know

  • While some countries don’t require a license, others require a license from the ministry of tourism to ensure you are fully qualified to be assisting foreign visitors
  • Knowledge of the local cuisine and restaurants helps in treating your foreign visitors with delicious local food

35. Daycare Services

Why not transform your home during the day into a bustling and energetic place for kids to come and learn new things?

A daycare service is for those people who love to hang out with kids and monitor their playful experiences.

Starting a daycare requires a license and proper training in handling little kids. Insurance is required as well to ensure your home is taken care of in the event of a mishap caused by children.

Things to Know

  • Investment is required to set up a nursery and other toys required for kids to play with
  • There should be a food schedule to adhere to as little kids tend to get hungry and hence, they tend to eat more


Every business has its own share of risks and rewards, as a business owner, it’s necessary to navigate through the tidal waves to enjoy the sunrise by the calm sea.

Don’t give up every time a failure presents itself, the tough and trying times are what brings the best out of you.

We hope one of these ideas have suited to your entrepreneurship dream and leave you with this motivating quote by Nelson Mandela —

It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

Need a Business Idea Here are 35 You Can Use to Start Your Business Empire

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