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What’s a Conglomerate (+ Case Studies)

A conglomerate is a company which is made up of several or many other smaller companies. The …

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How to Hire Smart Startup Marketers

It has always been one of the biggest business challenges to find, recruit, and retain the best …

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How to Calculate Required Rate of Return

You have kept some money away and have finally decided to put it to use. Whether you kept it in a …

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Altman Z Score Model Guide (+Examples)

Human beings love predictability. It provides knowledge about the future on a subject of interest. …

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How to Practically Implement the Theory of Constraints

Talking about something can be easy. But when it comes to taking action, the task can be …

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Understanding Profitability Index Method

The profitability index is a ratio of an investment’s benefits to the cost involved in making the …

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16 Finance Industry Myths Debunked

Those who have an IRA or 401K have somewhat of an idea of how money should be invested. However, …

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Understanding Operating Capital (+Examples)

THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING OPERATING CAPITAL Does your business have enough cash flow to …

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The Future of Human Work is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

Technology has come a long way since primitive humans first discovered they could use sharp stones …

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