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Essentials of Corporate Finance

To run a business, you need to know about capital – without money, operating a business becomes an …

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Valuation Principles: Time Value of Money

If I offered you $500 now or $500 in a year, which option would you take? You might be thinking it’s …

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How to Utilize Financial Risk Management for Your Business

Businesses are not without risks. In fact, people who decide to go into business must reconcile with …

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Business Analytics Tutorial for Beginners

In this guide, we examine business analytics from 1) comparing business intelligence and …

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Understanding the Accounting Cycle

If we discuss anything related to business, we could never omit or altogether overlook the …

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How to Plan an Investor Roadshow

One of the things that startups – and practically any business – need to do in order to gain funding …

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Raising Capital for an Under-Performing Business

When starting a new business, you must have done your homework: how to take care of the logistics, …

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Should You Sell a Non-Core Business or Not?

So you have been thinking of buying an item of clothing for a long time. However, since it is quite …

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How to Set Up a Vesting Scheme for Your Startup?

Finances are often stretched thin within startups and rewarding the hardworking team behind the …

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