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The One-Page Resume vs. the Two-Page Resume

Resumes and rules seem to go hand-in-hand. No matter where you look, you’ll notice different rules …

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What’s the Difference Between Exempt and Non-Exempt Workers?

There are a number of terms in the employment world you must learn to understand in order to …

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Recruitment and Hiring Process Guide: How Successful Recruiters Recruit and Hire Talent

In this guide, we explore what is the recruitment and hiring process, what are the 7 steps of …

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What Makes Your Corporate Identity Unique (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

How many logos of famous companies are you able to draw? Probably quite a few since these visual …

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Why Employers Care About Your Intelligence Quotient

When it comes to hiring employees or workers, all employers agree on one thing: they should hire the …

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How to Create an Effective Peer Review System

When you’re a member of an organization or a similar setup, evaluations are, for lack of a better …

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14 of the Most Popular Employee Perks – Job Perks Employees Love more than a Salary Raise

Employers are taking employee enjoyment much more seriously – and for a good reason. According to a …

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Effective Ways Of Handling Employee Grievance

We all complain about our bosses (mostly behind their backs). With that in mind, it would be …

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What is an Employee Assistance Plan?

If you are an employee, or you were one in the past, there’s a good chance that you have heard of an …

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