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Freelancers Make Up 34 Percent of the U.S. Workforce. Here’s How to Find, Hire and Manage Them.

Are you looking for a new hire? Or new talent in a specific area of expertise? Maybe you’re just …

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How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity

A lot can be said about colors, yet there is so much difference between what people believe. For …

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Rally the Team: How to Create a Cool Office Culture

So, you're a young and an ambitious team leader who is focused on getting positive feedback from the …

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10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

Here’s a fun fact: The song Working for the Weekend by Canadian rock band Loverboy still appears on …

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5 Team-Building Activities Your Employees Won’t Hate

Working from day to day, from year to year, with the same people can bring a harmonious homey …

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Unemployment is Way Down: 3 Tips to Attract Employees in a Tight Market

Global unemployment has dropped to five percent this year, the lowest level in a decade since the …

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When to Cut Ties With a Longtime Employee

Whoever is at work in charge of a team, a department, or an entire company would probably tell you …

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How to Address Employee Pay in Your Inclement Weather Policy

During seasons such as winter, conditions such as snowy and icy roads sometimes make it impossible …

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Comp Time Vs. Overtime: Which Should You Offer Employees?

Normally, employees have a maximum number of hours they are supposed to work each week. Sometimes, …

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