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39 Top Interviews with Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley – Interview tour 2015

Dear fellow entrepreneurs and readers of Cleverism! In autumn of 2015 we went for the second time …

Reputation.com | Interview with its Founder & Executive Chairman – Michael Fertik

In Redwood City (CA), we meet Founder & Executive Chairman of Reputation.com, Michael Fertik. …

Quantcast | Interview with its Co-Founder & CEO – Konrad Feldman

In San Francisco (CA), we meet Co-Founder & CEO of Quantcast, Konrad Feldman. Konrad talks about his …

Neo4j | Interview with its CEO & Co-Founder – Emil Eifrem

In San Mateo (CA), we meet CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j, Emil Eifrem. Emil talks about his story how …

Aquantia | Interview with its Co-Founder & VP of Technology – Ramin Farjad-Rad

In San Jose (CA), we meet Co-Founder & VP of Technology of Aquantia, Ramin Farjad-Rad. Ramin talks …

CrowdFlower | Interview with its Founder & CEO – Lukas Biewald

In San Francisco (CA), we meet Founder & CEO of CrowdFlower, Lukas Biewald. Lukas talks about his …

Addepar | Interview with its Founder & Chairman – Joe Lonsdale

In Mountain View (CA), we meet Founder & Chairman of Addepar, Joe Lonsdale. Joe talks about his …

Zoom | Interview with its Founder & CEO – Eric Yuan

In San Jose (CA), we meet Founder & CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan. Eric talks about his story how he came …

Sumo Logic | Interview with its CTO & Co-Founder – Christian Beedgen

In Redwood City (CA), we meet CTO and Co-Founder of Sumo Logic, Christian Beedgen. Christian talks …

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