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Understanding the Scarcity Principle in Marketing

If you have ever sat in an introductory economics class at some point in your life, you might be …

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What is Ambush Marketing? How is It Used in Brand Wars?

In 2007, German car maker BMW placed a bill board in Santa Monica, California to promote the 35th …

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What is Lifestyle Marketing? [Definitive Guide]

35 years ago, one of the most iconic Super Bowl advertisements aired during a break in the third …

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Who are Early Adopters and Why Do They Matter?

When established marketers evaluate their most valued brand visibility tools, brand advocates, brand …

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Holistic Marketing – Meaning, Concepts, and Importance

Marketing is a very diverse field. If you ask ten different marketers to tell you the best marketing …

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This Is What Works in Facebook Headlines: The 20 Most Effective Phrases

How many times have you found yourself reading an article or watching a video on a topic that you …

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The Influencer Marketing Revolution: Macro Versus Micro Influencers

Influencers indeed have a significant influence over marketing. It’s such an obvious statement, …

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What is Microtargeting?

Search engines such as Google, social media networks, over the top video services, and web news …

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Marketing Environment: Explanation, Components, and Importance

There are many factors which affect the performance of a business. They can be internal such as …

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