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Keyword Selection: The Key to Earning High Search Ranking

Keyword selection and optimization offer a number of benefits only if done right. No content and …

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Marketing Mix and 4Ps: How to Effectively Position Your Market Offering

What is the one thing that intrigues consumers to engage with a business right before going out …

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Don’t Give in to Marketing FOMO: Four Steps to Resisting Shiny-Object Syndrome

FOMO has become quite a buzz word in recent years. As a matter of fact, the Oxford Dictionary …

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Introducing RACE: A Practical Framework to Improve Your Digital Marketing

Strategic planning is a very important skill to master for anyone who wants to be distinctive in …

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Start with Why: Creating a Value Proposition with the Golden Circle Model

Today’s modern business is very dynamic with fast changes and lots of opportunities for not just …

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44 Stats and Facts About Instagram

The internet and modern society have been a buzz with social media apps. These have brought major …

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What Converts? Web Landing Page Benchmarks and Trends

There can rarely be any fruit of your labor as a marketer if it’s not conversions. These are what …

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Why Most Marketers Should Care About Virtual and Augmented Reality

Marketing is a pretty interesting career, at least for those who love it. And the journey to become …

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Understanding the Scarcity Principle in Marketing

If you have ever sat in an introductory economics class at some point in your life, you might be …

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