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USP Analysis: The Unique Selling Proposition: Finding Your “Competitive Edge”

Today, businesses are operating in a business environment that is highly competitive. The internet …

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How to Perform Your Personal SWOT Analysis

You’ve probably heard of the SWOT analysis tool – it has been used widely in business and management …

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If You Want to Create Space for Innovation at Your Company, This is What You Need to Do

“There’s a way to do it better. Find it” – Thomas Edison This quote by famous inventor Thomas …

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Truly Understanding Perfect Competition

WHAT IS THE PERFECT COMPETITION? If you live in a democracy, you’re witness to ‘free market’ and …

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Strategic Planning: How Product Differentiation Strategy Depends on Market Type

What is it that makes your product unique? How to make it visible and position it well on the …

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Strategy Statement: Articulating Your Competitive Advantage, Objectives and Scope

When you have a start-up which consists of a team of several people, you need to have a clear and …

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VRIO Framework Guide on Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages

If you are running an organization or a business, or just thinking about starting it, you must be …

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The CEO Guide to Customer Experience

Who is the most important person in a company? The owner? The CEO? The employees? If you picked an …

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SWOT Analysis Examples

Running a business is no mean feat. There is an endless list of tasks that need to be done. Managing …

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