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70 Better Get-to-Know-You Questions to Use at Work

There’s a popular notion that your colleagues at work are not your friends. Still, it is important …

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99% of Networking is a Waste of Time

THE "PERKS" OF ONLINE NETWORKING You're probably thinking that networking is half of the business …

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You Can’t Please Everyone (and That’s OK!)

Some people believe that the key to being liked and accepted by other people is to always try to …

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Golden Rules of Personal Goal Setting

How many times did you find yourself thinking about the future? Have you thought about what you …

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Why You Should Have (at Least) Two Careers

Ever met a civil engineer who is also a music producer or a banker who is also a writer and wondered …

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Microaggressions: More than Just Race

Microaggression is an action of verbal intentional or unintentional derogatory insults that are …

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Where Machines Could Replace Humans–And Where They Can’t (Yet)

The last couple of decades have seen a lot of advancement in automation technologies such as …

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12 Ways to Spot a Misogynist

“If the leader of the opposition wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he …

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The Benefits of Being Adaptable

Every invention or tool ever created by mankind to attain our current stage of development is …

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