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The Future of Human Work is Imagination, Creativity, and Strategy

Technology has come a long way since primitive humans first discovered they could use sharp stones …

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How You Define the Problem Determines Whether You Solve It 

Have you ever asked yourself why elevators are fitted with mirrors? After elevators became …

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Suffering From an Inferiority Complex at the Workplace? 7 Powerful Tactics to Get Rid of Them

Inferiority complex in the workplace is best described as Feeling worthless to do something …

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How Listening Skills Boost Your Influence at Work

How many of you consider yourselves to be good listeners? On the face of it, listening may seem …

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20 Holiday Office Party Do’s And Don’ts

The jolly season of winter is upon us and that means that everyone gets to cut loose and indulge …

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How to Stop Workplace Gossip

To some people, workplace gossip can an integral part in advancing their career and be liked by …

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Setting Expectations With Your Boss

Having a team made of exceptional employees is every manager’s dream came true. But how simple is …

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How to Apply for Fewer Jobs (& Land More Interviews)

Most of us have a friend or know someone who plays the lottery. This person is always full of hope, …

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The Business Case for Curiosity

Humans are curious beings. It is in our very nature to ask questions no one has asked before and to …

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