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Job Offer Rejection Letter Example

Luсkу you; уоu’vе built a top notch rеѕumе, wrоtе a flattering соvеr lеttеr, you сhаrmеd thе hiring …

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Types of Unemployment (Which Is the Worst)

Sometimes, companies and business are forced to lay off employees because of a number of reasons – …

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What Is an Esthetician?

If you are new to having your face done it is only normal that you have some questions about who and …

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Job Offer Too Low? Use These Key Salary Negotiation Techniques to Write a Counter Proposal Letter

If you’ve received a job offer that doesn’t quite hit the mark, it’s time to counter it. And if you …

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10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

Money is not the easiest topics for having a conversation. Things can get even trickier when the …

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STAR Interviewing Response Technique for Success in Behavioral Job Interviews

Behavioral questions are one of the most common types of interview questions you’ll encounter. No …

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HOW TO ANSWER – Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

When you’re asked about your vision for the next five years, you might feel like it’s an odd …

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Interview Question: What Would Be Your Ideal Working Environment?

It might sound like a silly question but when hiring managers ask about your ideal working …

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Interview Question: Tell Me How You Handled A Difficult Situation

One of the most common interview questions is focused on difficulties and your ability to handle …

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