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How to Handle Stress During a Job Interview

Picture this – you’ve just received a notification from a company about a job position that you …

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Things HR Can’t Ask in a Job Interview

As a manager conducting a job interview, you have to walk a very fine line. You have to be polite, …

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Letter of Interest Examples and Format [+Introduction Letters, and Inquiry Letter Samples]

Do you have a company in mind you would love to join? It might be that you know the kind of …

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How to Follow-up on a Job Application: An Email Template

You’ve successfully completed and posted your job resume and are eagerly awaiting the status of your …

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“Why can’t I find a job?” What should new graduates do when they can’t find the jobs they’ve dreamed of?

You’ve done your studies and you’re out there looking for a job. You might spend months trying to …

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“Can I Ask for a Raise Yet?” How to Ask for a Raise

Salary negotiations are never the thing most people look forward to. Asking for a raise is clearly …

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Should You Always Send a Cover Letter?

You’ve found your ideal job and you start thinking about the job application. What are the most …

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11 Things You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview – and 5 Things You Should Leave Behind

Being asked to attend a job interview is a wonderful feeling. You’ve worked so hard on your job …

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College Student Resume Tips for Getting Your Dream Job

Looking for a job as a college student can seem daunting. Most job postings are looking for work …

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