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10 Entry-Level Positions to Guide Your Way Towards Professional Glory

Whether you’ve just graduated or decided to make a career change, an entry-level …

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5 of the Toughest Health Care Interview Questions – And How to Answer Them

Choosing to pursue a career in health care is one of the noblest choices you can make in life. If …

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Should You Put Dean’s List on Resume?

Having a well-organized resume is very important because it shows the recruiters what your main …

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How Far Back Should You Go On A Resume?

Resumes have always been a hassle to write! Can we all agree to that? And for most of us who …

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3 Questions Amazon’s CEO Asks Before Hiring Anyone

If you were asked to name the five biggest internet-related companies, Amazon would certainly be one …

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Hire the Best Developer With These 15 .NET Interview Questions

.Net is a Microsoft software framework that offers a platform for developers to make applications, …

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The Secret to Getting Hired at McKinsey, BCG, or Bain

McKinsey & Co, the Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Co, also known as the MBB in short or the “Big …

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10 Bad and Outdated Job Hunting Tips You Should Stop Believing

There it is! Your college degree. The tassel has been turned to the other side, the caps have been …

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Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Cover Letter With “To Whom It May Concern”

You have been searching for a job for weeks. Maybe months. You finally see a job posting that …

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