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How to Apply for Fewer Jobs (& Land More Interviews)

Most of us have a friend or know someone who plays the lottery. This person is always full of hope, …

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The Mind Trick That Will Change the Way You Write Cover Letters Forever

Job hunting is no small task. You have to find the right job opportunity that matches with your …

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How to Turn Resume Duties into Accomplishments

How do you want to present yourself to the hiring manager when you apply for a new job? You would …

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5 Follow-up Emails that Scare Hiring Managers (and What to Write Instead)

Waiting for a reply from a job interview is one of the most painful things this world. You leave …

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The Army Tattoo Policy: What’s Allowed and What’s Not

The Army Tattoo Policy has been reviewed and it’s now a bit more accommodating. Prior to now, the …

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How to Mention Fun Facts About Yourself in a Job Search

When you first start searching for a job and get invited to a couple of interviews, you may feel …

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Answering Behavioral Interview Questions: Your Greatest Accomplishments

When you’re asked about your greatest accomplishments, you have to opportunity to shine. It’s a …

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5 Cliché Cover Letter Lines to Avoid at All Costs

The first thing hiring managers see when they review your job application is your cover …

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5 Biases Hiring Managers Have (and How to Use Them to Your Advantage)

It is important for every company to hire the best available talent, but it is easier said than …

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