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The Role of Oxytocin in Building Trusting and Loving Relationships

The feelings of love, devotion, and trust are connected with complex processes in our brain. All of …

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder Guide

It always feels nice when someone admires you. A little bit of attention will always make you feel …

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How Intuition Helps Us Make Better Decisions

In 1983, the Getty Museum in California received a freestanding Greek sculpture of a naked youth. …

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Understanding Cognitive Dissonance (and Why it Occurs in Most People)

There is a popular kids’ story about a fox and some grapes. According to the story, the famished fox …

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This is Why Self-Respect is Crucial for Happiness

Back in college, I had a good friend named Leslie. Soon after joining college, Leslie got into a …

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Borderline Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Borderline Personality Disorder can be a traumatic experience not only for the patient but also for …

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Cognitive Load Theory: Helping People Learn Effectively

Have you attended a training p program or classroom where you could not remember anything because …

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The Big Five Personality Traits Model (OCEAN Model)

Have you ever wondered why different people react differently to the same situation? Why do some …

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Cognitive Restructuring: Reducing Stress by Changing Your Thinking

All people have at one point or another found themselves in toxic situations, where they feel …

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