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The Science of Sleep: A Brief Guide on How to Sleep Better Every Night

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. - Thomas Dekker Sleeping to …

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20 Culturаl Vаluеѕ and Thеir Imроrtаnсе fоr Your Success in Lifе

When someone becomes ѕuссеѕѕful in life, his parents usually say stuff like “I tаught him …

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Culture Awareness in the Workplace

With globalization interacting with people from all-over the world has become a factor in the life …

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Questions of Cultural Identity in a Global World

In the world of globalization some people focus on the positive – the benefits for the economy for …

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What Makes Up Your Company Culture?

Company culture is ridiculously underestimated. If you are a decision maker in your company and you …

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Why Сulturаl Relativism Is Wrong

“Relativism, the idеа thаt truth iѕ a hiѕtоriсаllу соnditiоnеd nоtiоn thаt does nоt transcend …

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4 Ways to Memorize a Speech – Without Sounding Like a Nervous Robot

You have taken time and researched your content. You plan it out and now it’s time to write it down. …

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Money Psychology: The Inner Game of Mastering Money

Money – one of the most difficult subjects to talk about and to master. Some might even say it’s …

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8 Proven Exercises that Boost Your Mental Strength

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson The above quote is a …

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