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The Self-Serving Bias – Definition, Research, and Antidotes

WHAT IS SELF-SERVING BIAS? The self-serving bias refers to the common habit of people taking …

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Should You Use Emojis In Business Emails?

Emoji’s are common keepsakes that are used to express emotion between friends and family members …

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5 Habits of Truly Amazing Communicators

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills. Better …

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What to Say Instead of “Sorry”

Apologizing for your wrongdoings is a sane thing to do. But, over-apologizing for petty things …

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37 Quotes on Trust That Will Make You Think

Trust is a highly valuable asset that can either make or break a person especially the relationships …

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14 Tips for Thinking on Your Feet When You’re Put on the Spot and Have to Sound Smart

How many times have you been asked the following questions in your work life? “Why Should We Hire …

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25 Bad Words That Make Other People Feel Inferior 

Words are very powerful. They have the power to make or break people. A few words of motivation can …

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How Much Time Do We Spend in Meetings? (Hint: It’s Scary)

Let’s face it. I believe every single one of us has found themselves in one of the following …

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The Shockingly Simple Change That Can Improve All of Your Relationships

I was having a cup of coffee at the café a few blocks from my apartment when I noticed something …

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