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The Rhetorical Triangle Making Your Writing Credible, Logical, and Appealing

Never in the history of humanity has there ever been so much written information as there is today. …

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Perfecting the Call to Act

Are you a motivational speaker? Would you like to become one? You may know motivational speakers …

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How to Apologize (Asking for Forgiveness Gracefully)

It is common to hear someone say “No-one is perfect.” That is very true, otherwise we wouldn’t be …

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20+ Graceful Ways to End a Conversation That Work 100 Percent of the Time

In the course of your daily life, you will often find yourself in a conversation with someone who …

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Tired of People Lying to You? Here is Why They Are Doing It (and How to Stop them)

We use lying for many reasons. For one, we use it to protect ourselves. Against what, is the …

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7 Signs of a Control Freak

In one of my previous jobs, I had a boss who was the true definition of a control freak. Everything …

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Confused About Successful Jerks? Get to Know the Dark Triad

Steve Jobs. Travis Kalanick. Evan Spiegel. These three guys have two things in common. The first …

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The 15 Commandments of Effective Communication

Human beings are social creatures. It is impossible to live without interacting with fellow human …

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10 Reasons People Really Don’t Like You (And How To Fix That)

Humans are social beings. We have an intrinsic need to be liked, to be accepted in a group, in a …

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