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19 Things to Try When You Can’t Sleep (Better Than Staring at the Clock)

According to an Irish proverb, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's …

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The Positive of Painful Experiences

What is pain? Pain is defined a mental, physical, or emotional suffering in the dictionary. A lot …

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How to Stay Mentally Healthy and Battle Stress under a Busy Schedule

Sadly stress is something we all face; it’s an unavoidable part of life. There is no going around it …

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10 Habits You Can Adopt to Lead a Happier Life

Before you can lead a happier life you must first understand what it means to be happy. Since we …

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Signs of Emotional Abuse at Work (and How to React)

Here’s a sad but undeniable truth: abuse, in all its forms, shapes and sizes, is everywhere. In …

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How to Recognize and Escape Emotional Vampires (It’s Easier than You Think)

Barely 60 seconds after meeting someone, you’re probably able to decide whether you like to spend …

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7 Emotion-Focused Strategies to Reduce Stress

People deal with stress in various ways, depending on their personality, their current …

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Work Life Balance: Definition and Practical Tips

Ask the first person you see how he would define happiness. Then ask another person. And another, …

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Guide on Individual Counseling

There was a time when counseling was associated with those who have extreme mental and psychological …

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