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Plant-Based Protein Battle: Tempeh Versus Tofu

You've probably heard of the trend that people nowadays prefer plant-based over meat-based protein …

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Spring-Clean Your Body with These 6 Liver- and Gut-Cleansing Foods

Spring-cleaning your apartment or house is what you learn you should do at a very early age. You see …

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Chai Tea’s a Low-Key Gut-Health Hero – and That’s Just One of Its Many Health Benefits

Chai is a beverage colored in history as rich as its taste. It’s very name means “tea” in Hindi, and …

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Chia Seeds Versus Flax Seeds: What’s The Big Difference?

Being in shape and staying healthy is one of the most important goals we all should …

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Whole30 Has a Lot of Rules – This Cheat Sheet Summarizes Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are constantly looking for a way to improve your health, boost your confidence and …

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How Competition Affects Your Brain

We all might have at different stages in our lives encountered people who can be described as ‘born …

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Understanding the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale

Do you hear yourself saying how your job is killing you? Or, mumbling to yourself “I am so stressed …

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The Top Common Causes of Fatigue

Remember how you used to play for hours on end when you were a child, and yet yearn for more at bed …

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A 3-Step Process to Break a Cycle of Frustration, Stress, and Fighting at Work

“If a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment, not the flower" – this is my favorite quote …

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