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This is Why Self-Respect is Crucial for Happiness

Back in college, I had a good friend named Leslie. Soon after joining college, Leslie got into a …

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The Big Five Personality Traits Model (OCEAN Model)

Have you ever wondered why different people react differently to the same situation? Why do some …

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What Are Your Values? Deciding What’s Most Important in Life

WHAT ARE VALUES? Values are what define the very core of your being. They define who you are. …

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Do Positive Affirmations Really Work? (+110 Powerful Examples)

Do you remember that Friends episode in which Chandler’s stop-smoking tape has the part in which it …

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What are Binaural Beats and How They Work

The binaural beat is the difference between two frequencies, which are both below 1000 Hz, heard by …

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The 5 Stages of Consciousness Evolution

This article will open your eyes about the different levels your consciousness can reach. You will …

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous? The Truth Unveiled

You get into bed at night, fall asleep and start dreaming. In your dream, things suddenly become …

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10 Mindfulness Exercises to Help You Stay Present

What is mindfulness? According to Psychology Today, mindfulness is a state of mind, where you pay …

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How to Clear Your Mind in 10-15 Minutes (and Regain Super-Productivity Quickly)

The modern world is very hectic. At any one time, it seems like there are a million things to be …

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