Careers at Aggreko


Aggreko offers solutions for temperature control or power generation. The solutions they offer are provided on a temporary basis or on demand in a short time frame.

Business Segments

  • Power Generation: Provides generators for hire to those who need rapid power generation. Generators offered are diesel, gas powered, and emergency power generators.
  • Temperature Control: Offers temperature control solutions which keep equipment in the best possible operating condition through the use of high-volume water cooling pumps, air conditioners and chillers, heat exchangers, and dehumidifiers.
  • Oil-free Air: Provides solutions which are free of the contaminants which gas burning units produce such as compressed air, air cooling systems, and air drying systems.


Aggreko was founded in 1962 by Luc Koopman.  The company was originally headquartered in the Netherlands and moved to Scotland in 1973 when it was acquired in 1984 by Christian Salvesen PLC. In 1986 the company acquired Electric Rental Systems and entered the United States market. Once Aggreko entered the U.S. market, they began to introduce silent power generation capabilities. The company was expanding quickly and opened its first permanent operations facility in the Middle East by 1990. Aggreko was listed in the London Stock Exchange in 1997.

Seeking to expand their business in locations worldwide, the company made various acquisitions and entered into substantial markets which would aid in their growth. In 2001 Aggreko opened another permanent facility, this time located in South America. It was in the early 2000s that the company had some of its highest profile projects which furthered its influence in the public eye.

In 2002 Aggreko powered the FIFA World Cup in Japan and also operated as the official temporary power generation company for the 2002 Winter Olympics. By 2005 the company launched its first gas powered product and began a substantial contract in Uganda. In 2006 Aggreko took on another large contract in Kenya, supplying 100 MW of power. Furthering their business capabilities even further, the company acquired General Electric energy rentals in 2006.

By now the company had established itself as a reliable producer of temporary energy, and in 2008 they took up another large project, powering the Beijing Olympic Games. Then in 2010 they powered another FIFA World Cup which was hosted in South Africa. Aggreko then went on to provide more than 600 generators to the 2012 London Olympics, and their company continued to increase in demand.

Another interesting project they completed was in 2013 when the company provided cross-border power for two countries, Mozambique and Namibia. Since the company was founded they have seen steady growth and have proven their ability to deliver quality generators and temperature control at some of the largest world events.