Careers at Airware


Airware’s mission is to enable UAS manufacturers to rapidly develop diverse and price competitive UAS solutions while creating and maintaining intellectual property.

Business Segments

Airware organizes the operations into several different business segments.

  • Drones for Insurance – Changing the way insurers conduct business by making it possible for the safe and effective collection of high-resolution imagery of customer properties relating to underwriting, loss prevention, and claims inspection.
  • Drones for Construction & Mining – Optimizing the trim costs, efficiency, and monitoring site compliance.
  • Drones for Telecom – Providing a commercial drone solution that is able ensure the safe, quick, and comprehensive inspection of telecom towers which keeps people on the ground by putting drones in the air.
  • Drones for Utilities – Conducting infrastructure inspections that collect and maintain the infrastructure data in a more effective and efficient manner.
  • Drones for Oil and Gas – Inspecting and monitoring facilities and infrastructures in order to quickly and effectively collect high-resolution imagery and video of assets so that companies can catch problems before losses and damage occurs.
  • Drones for Landfill & Waste Management – Collecting and analyzing high resolution imagery and videos of the landfills safer, faster, and more efficient.

Company History

Airware is an up and coming company that was founded back in 2011. The company was started as a means to solve the problems existing with inflexible third party UAS (Unmanned aerial systems) autopilots. The company was founded by a gentleman named Jonathan Downey. Airware created a comprehensive operating system for commercial drones, the Aerial Information Platform. This platform was built by a very diverse team of experts in the fields of robotics, aerospace, software, geospatial, hardware, and cloud services.

The company focused on capturing a specific market by specializing in the development of a platform for autopilots that advanced the capabilities of  UAS systems to educators, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. For example, the os-Series autopilots allow users to create unique unmanned aerial systems with specific applications and still maintain unique and intellectual properties. The os-Series autopilots combined an embedded Linux computer, open architectural software, and modular hardware under a license that is royalty free and accommodates all different type of aircrafts.

The company identified a strong need in the drone technology market back in 2011 and continues to provide superior products to customers today. Their commercial drones are able to provide a fast, accurate, and repetitive means of collecting data. This makes it possible for compliance requirements to be met, keep employees safe, and speed up the decision making processes. This has been especially helpful with military technology.

In today’s marketplace, Airware is able to offer complete enterprise drone solutions that are built on the Aerial Information Platform. The comprehensive technology enable companies to plan, create, and analyze all forms of aerial data within an enterprise workflow. Airware has made it possible for businesses to advance their existing data management systems and continues to be a strong competitor in today’s UAS marketplace.

Benefits at Airware