Careers at Alfresco


Alfresco connects content and processes to ensure a secure and safe environment for employees, partners, and customers to collaborate in an effective and efficient manner.

Business Segments

  • Enterprise Content Management: Provides a secure platform for businesses to manage their content, and implement their existing applications and processes into a collaborative environment which ensures business policy compliance.
  • Business Process Management: Provides a secure platform which allows businesses to manage a spectrum of company processes to ensure smooth business operations and effective practices.


Alfresco was founded in 2005 by John Newton and John Powell. Originally the focus of the company was document management. However, in 2006 the company began to include web content management in its product offerings. The company was very successful in the field of web content management and was described as being a leading Java-based web content management system by the Open Source CMS Market Share Report in 2009.

The company launched its open-source platform Activiti in 2010. Activiti is an open sourced business process management engine which powers some of the companys’ services. Expansion continued and in 2011 Alfresco, together with Ephesoft, offered a document capture and content management service. These services are used together to improve workflow development and offer intelligent PDF capture services.

An important update was added to the Alfresco software in 2012 with the release of the Alfresco 4.0 update which targeted various issues affecting previous versions of the software. Currently more than 1,800 companies rely on the Alfresco services to enhance their content management and business processes.

By providing a software engine and platform which ensure compliance across business practices, all levels of business can work hand-in-hand to ensure satisfactory operations for their customers. Alfresco removes the confusion that comes with multiple business practices by providing a platform that unifies operations for the purpose of achieving their collective goals.


Benefits at Alfresco