Careers at Alpha Public Schools


Alpha Public Schools' mission is to grant every student a chance at a successful future.


The Alpha Public Schools were founded by an experienced and gifted teacher named John Glover in 2011. Glover, an avid visionary, had a dream of securing the path to college for middle school students and guiding through that path thereby equipping them for successful careers in the future. Glover refined this vision with the support of parents and members of the local community in the San Francisco bay area.

Alpha Public Schools were a by-product of the overwhelming demand for good education that attracts various college prospects, by parents in the local bay area. The Schools include two middle schools and one high school located on 1601 Cunningham Ave, East San José, California.

The students of Alpha Public Schools are not only exposed to contemporary knowledge but also receive numerous practical skills that will be fundamental for their functionality in the workplace. For example, teachers in the Alpha Public Schools strive to impart character traits that guarantee the students’ success in college as well as in their careers.

In 2012, Alpha Public Schools opened the first of the three schools, Blanca Alvarado Middle School, in East San José, which served grades six through eight. In 2014, Alpha Public Schools opened their second middle school, José Hernández, which served grades five through eight.

In 2015, Alpha Public Schools opened their first high school, the Cindy Avita high school that provided a full high school curriculum all the way from the 9th grade. In 2016, Alpha Public Schools collaborated with Cornerstone Academy, establishing Alpha Public Schools first preparatory school, providing education from elementary school to the 8th grade.

The dedicated teachers and administrators at Alpha Public Schools are the reason the schools’ success; each with a stellar record of achieving extraordinary academic results with students from low-income areas and communities. Alpha Public Schools have adopted a unique model where they incorporate technology in their learning.

This allows for better efficiency in the teachers' objectives for the students, and encourages active learning and participation by the students. Alpha Public Schools rely on the support of various national foundations, local institutions and organizations, and professional educational advisors who are believers in the Alpha Public Schools’ vision of revolutionizing the approach to public education.