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Alteryx seeks to provide effective and reliable analytics solutions to customers across multiple industries through a range of software solutions and cloud-based offerings.

Founding story

Alteryx traces its roots back to the establishment of SRC LLC in 1997 by Dean Stoecker (“Stoecker”), Olivia Duane Adams, and Ned Harding (“Harding”). The Company reportedly developed the first first online data engine for delivering demographic-based mapping and reporting not long after its incorporation, and in 1998 released a product that integrated geographically organised US Census data, enabling the information collected to be analysed, manipulated and mapped.

SRC LLC launched a product named Alteryx in 2006, and reincorporated under the Alteryx name in 2010. The Company has since raised around $163 million in three rounds of investor fusing, including from high-profile venture capital firms such as Insight Venture Partners and Sapphire Ventures. The Company has used this funding to expand and optimize its product offerings and expand its operations internationally. The Company now operates offices in Canada, the UK, Australia, Denmark, and Germany in addition to its US-based headquarters.

Alteryx remains a privately owned company, however it has recently filed for an initial public offering. The pricing and number of shares being sold has not yet been announced.

Benefits at Alteryx

Business model of Alteryx

Customer Segments

Alteryx provides a range of analytics and software solutions to commercial and corporate clients across multiple business sectors. The Company’s customers can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Retail and Consumer Goods, including retailers and producers of various consumer products and packaged goods;
  • Communications, including telecommunications companies, internet service providers, and cable network operators;
  • Energy and Utilities, including oil and gas companies, transmission companies, energy producers, and renewable energy businesses;
  • Financial Services, including banking institutions, asset management firms, insurance companies, and payment solutions companies;
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, including hospitals, healthcare providers, specialist insurance companies, pharmaceutical producers, and medical distributors;
  • Higher Education, including universities, and research institutions;
  • Manufacturing, including electrical manufacturers, construction companies, and producers of industrial parts;
  • Media and Entertainment, including media houses, broadcast networks, and publishers;
  • Technology, including technology companies and computer software companies;
  • Travel and Hospitality, including hotels and resorts, restaurants, and travel companies; and
  • Transportation and Logistics, including logistics providers, courier companies, and distributors.

Alteryx lists a number of its customers on its website. This includes high-profile companies such as Ford, Western Union, BAE Systems, Barclays, Dell, Coca Cola, IBM, Vodafone, and Unilever.

Alteryx serves an extensive customer base across the US, as well as clients across Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Value Propositions

Alteryx provides value to its clients in the following ways:

  • Its industry standing and reputation, with the Company an established provider of analytics and software solutions to customers across a broad range of sectors, serving a number of high-profile companies such as Coca Cola and Unilever;
  • Its broad portfolio of services and solutions, with the Company offering a wide range of products and solutions tailored to the needs of clients across a variety of industries, including the financial services, retail, communications, and hospitality sectors;
  • Its international reach, with the Company serving a significant customer base across North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe; and
  • Its industry expertise and experience, with the Company employing dedicated technical personnel that are able to ensure that the effective development and deployment of its solutions, as well as a team of experienced industry executives.


Alteryx operates a website at, through which it provides information on various products, solutions, target industries and operating locations. While the Company does not operate an online sales channel, it does allow prospective clients to download software on a trial basis directly from its website. It also operates a customer portal through which clients can access resources and contribute to the Alteryx online community.

Alteryx principally makes its sales through a dedicated in-house direct sales force, which is organised by geographic region. The Company’s sales personnel operate out of its network of regional sales and administrative offices located in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, and Germany.

Additionally, Alteryx sells products through a network of channel partners. This includes value added resellers, systems integrators, and original equipment manufacturers that incorporate the Company’s solutions into broader IT strategies and third party products.

Customer Relationships

Alteryx does not operate a self-service sales channel. It does, however, allow customers to download its software on a free trial basis directly from its website without interacting with members of its sales and service channels.

Once purchased the company’s analytics offerings are available for use on a self-service basis. The Company also operates a self-service client portal, through which customers can independently access resources and tools and interact with other Alteryx users.

Alteryx makes the bulk of its sales through its own direct sales force, the members of which consult closely with the Company’s clients, tailoring and scaling solutions to their individual needs where possible.

Alteryx provides ongoing support to its clients, who are able to contact support personnel over the phone or via email, in order to access personalised assistance. The Company offers a range of support resources through its website, including product demonstrations, webinars, and user guides. As noted above, it also operates an online community portal, where clients can interact with one another and collaborate on issues.

Alteryx has social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, through which it is able to publish company updates and interact directly with clients.

Key Activities

Alteryx is a provider of analytics and software solutions to corporate and commercial customers across multiple business sectors. The Company’s product portfolio principally comprises Alteryx Designer for data preparation, blending, and analytics; Alteryx Server, a secure and scalable product for sharing and running analytic applications in a web-based environment; and Alteryx Analytics Gallery, a cloud-based offering that allows users to share workflows in a centralised repository.

Alteryx serves clients across numerous industries, including the financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and logistics industries. The Company is headquartered in the US, and operates regional offices across Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, and Denmark.

Key Partners

Alteryx partners with a broad network of companies and organisations that assist in developing and delivering the Company’s solutions to clients. The Company organises its partners into four principal categories:

  • Technology Partners, comprising technology companies and software developers that integrate applications or platforms with the Company’s software solutions in order to expand their respective service offerings;
  • Systems Integrators and Consulting Partners, comprising systems integrators and specialist analytics consultants that assist in solving complex problems during the Company’s various advisory, manager, and implementation services engagements;
  • Value Added Resellers, comprising a range of software solutions providers and vendors that represent Alteryx around the world, and contribute services and knowledge to the development and implementation of value-added solutions; and
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers, comprising applications developers and device manufacturers that embed or bundle Alteryx products into their applications and cloud platform offerings.

Alteryx lists a number of its current partners on its website. This includes technology partners Cloudera, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Hortonworks; systems integrator partners Cognizant, KPMG, and Altab Solutions; reseller partners Actinvision, EFT Group, Experian, Red Innovations, and Breos; and original equipment manufacturer partners Accenture, Javelin Group, and Geo Strategies.

Key Resources

Alteryx’s key resources are its proprietary technologies and intellectual properties, its software products and online portals, its IT and communications infrastructure, its sales and distribution channels, its network of offices, its partnerships, and its personnel.

While Alteryx utilises a range of proprietary technologies sin the development of its solutions and software offerings, searches of records published by the US Patent and Trademark Office identified no patent applications filed in Alteryx’s name, either as applicant or assignee.

Alteryx owns and or leases a number of physical properties that comprise its network of offices. This includes locations in Australia, Canada, Denmark, the UK, and Germany.

Cost Structure

Alteryx incurs costs in relation to the development of its technologies and software solutions, the development and maintenance of its online platforms, the maintenance of its IT and communications infrastructure, the procurement of professional services, the management of its partnerships, the operation of its sales and distribution channels, the implementation of marketing and advertising campaigns, and the retention of its personnel.

Revenue Streams

Alteryx generates revenue through the development and provision of various software solutions and analytics products. The Company derives revenue primarily through the sale of licences for its products on a subscription basis. Prices range between $1,950 and $58,500 for a year-long subscription, depending on the product selected.

Alteryx is a privately owned company and as such is not obliged to publish its financial results online. Reports in 2015 suggest that the Company generates revenue in excess of $50 million.

Our team

Dean Stoecker,
Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

info: Stoecker has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Alteryx since co-founding the Company in 2010. He is responsible for leading the overall strategic direction of the Company and serves as its chief decision maker. Stoecker is an experienced executive, having held a number of management roles over the course of more than 25 years, with a particular focus on sales. He began his career at Donnelly Marketing, a unit of Dun and Bradstreet, where he served for several years as a regional sales manager. He went on to work at Strategic Mapping for several years in various sales roles, before moving to SRC, the predecessor to Alteryx, in 1997. He served as Chief Executive Officer at SRC for a number of years before co-founding Alteryx.

Kevin Rubin,
Chief Financial Officer

info: Kevin Rubin (“Rubin”) has served as Chief Financial Officer at Alteryx since joining the Company in 2016. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Company’s various financial departments, including its accounting, tax, and internal audit units. Rubin is an experienced finance executive, having held a number of senior financial leadership positions in his more than 20-year career. He began his career in 1995 as an audit manager at Arthur Andersen. In 2002 he joined MRV Communications, where he served initially as Vice President of Finance before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 2005. He went on to hold Chief Financial Officer roles at DataDirect Networks, Pictage, and MSC Software before joining Alteryx.

Ned Harding,
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

info: Harding has served as Chief Technology Officer at Alteryx since co-founding the Company in 2010. He is responsible for leading the development of technologies that improve the speed and capacity of Alteryx products. Prior to co-founding Alteryx, Harding held a number of technical management roles in the IT and technology sector. This includes a spell as a senior software engineer at Qualitative Marketing Software, a developer and manufacturer of database and turnkey direct marketing solutions, where he served as lead developer for several products, including GeoStan and InfoStan. Qualitative Marketing Software was acquired by Group 1 Software, which was later acquired by Sagent Technology, and then by Pitney Bowes in 1999.