Careers at Apeel Sciences


Apeel Sciences seeks to create natural plant-based technologies which protect crops to reduce food shortages and reduce the need for chemical safeguards.

Business Segments

  • Edipeel: Provides a natural plant-based solution which reduces crop degradation post-harvest through the use of an invisible, tasteless, and edible plant layer which is naturally applied to the surface of plants.
  • Invisipeel: Offers a proprietary pre-harvest solution which applies a micro-thin protective layer onto plant surfaces which disguises the plant material from harmful bacteria, fungi, and insects by making the molecular signature of the edible plant unrecognizable to unwanted organisms.


Apeel Sciences was founded in 2012. The company seeks to provide a solution to the food industry which is fraught with waste due to crop degradation. By using plant material from food waste, Apeel Sciences engineers a protective barrier from the use of wasted produce which can actually be used to reduce future crop degradation.

By applying this protective layer of plant material to crops growers can grow crops until they are full and ripe, and consumers could worry less about the consequences of consuming the multiple chemicals currently used to preserve crops. Apeel Sciences has received positive attention from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation with a $100,000 reward for their efforts in 2012.

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation quickly recognized the significance such an invention could have for small-scale farmers in Africa who often lose large amounts of cassava root because it decays within 24 to 48 hours. Such an invention would significantly improve the shelf life of the cassava root and add an additional $1 billion to the Nigerian market.

Apeel Sciences is currently working on methods to protect plants in the pre-harvest and post-harvest phase. Their solutions are revolutionary and completely natural. Once successful, consumers can look forward to fresher produce, and farmers can expect higher crop yields.