Careers at Artech Information Systems


Artech Information Systems wants to provide exceptional IT staffing and project management services for the time-sensitive and mission critical applications of clients and to promote the highest standards of quality, integrity, and mutual respect.

Service Segments

Artech Information System is a staffing agency that offers many services to clients. The main ones are listed below.

  • Workforce Solution – Artech provides the most innovative, efficient, and cost effective solutions for finding talents to suit any workplace in today’s world.
  • Staff Augmentation – Artech has a deep heritage and expertise in providing specialized staffing services sets the company apart, making it better than the rest. Offering a breadth of knowledge, comprehensive market analysis, and excellent customer service, Artech guarantees maximized workforce solutions.
  • Staffing Solutions – Artech has a delivery model for finding the right staff that enables them to interpret and respond to their clients’ high volume staffing requirements.
  • Project Management – Artech has created a unique Master Vendor Program and other solutions that support clients. By expanding on the normal master vendor model, they have created an innovative and proven program that optimizes the overhead cost structure and provides roughly 10% direct savings.


Artech Information Systems was founded in March 1992 and while it started as a small company, it has quickly grown over the past two decades to become one of the largest staffing agencies in the US. Artech now has over 6,000 industry professionals distributed across 28 national and global locations in the US, India, and China. Artech Information Systems is now the 12th largest IT staffing firm in the US, recruiting top talent for IT and engineering jobs for many Fortune and Global 500 firms.

Artech is a minority and women-owned business enterprise that is committed to maximize the global workforce of clients. Artech is the largest women-owned IT staffing agency in America, making it a trustworthy and reliable partner for more than 7,500 consultants all over the world.

The organization has its headquarters located in Morristown, New Jersey.