Careers at Associated Materials


Associated Materials provides manufacturing and distribution solutions, striving to offer excellence from the factory all the way to the point-of-sale.

Business Segments

  • Alside: Offers window and siding products along with interactive color and design visualization software which provides unique and aesthetically pleasing results for the customer.
  • Gentek: Serves as the vinyl, aluminum, and steel manufacturing company of Associated Materials, and creates leading exterior building products.
  • UltraGuard: Provides fencing, decking, and railing solutions with the added benefit of being maintenance-free.
  • Revere: Provides high quality aluminum and steel building products along with low-maintenance siding for customers to use on the exteriors of their buildings.
  • Preservation: Offers energy efficient windows and enhanced durability siding materials, along with a design showcase and customization options.
  • Alpine Windows: Provides windows built with durable materials along with decorative options meant to withstand any environment and the stresses present in daily use. 


Associated Materials was founded in 1947, and was originally named Alside, when Jerome J. Kaufman created the first American company to make baked enamel aluminum siding for use in residential applications. Kaufman had seen how paint bonded to the aluminum fuselages of aircraft during World War II and used this concept to create his company.

In 1960 the company began to operate publicly and was soon listed on the New York Stock Exchange. By 1968 U.S. Steel bought the outstanding Alside stock and the company entered into the steel siding industry.

It was in 1984 that William W. Winspear purchased Alside along with two other companies, and Associated Materials Incorporated was created. Since its creation the company has been active in producing storm doors, quality siding and fencing materials, along with windows and various exterior building materials. To this day Associated Materials has been in business for 69 years and continues its tradition of excellence in service and craftsmanship through the six companies which supplement its product offerings.