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AU Optronics is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer. It is engaged in the research, development and production of flat panel displays for use in televisions, monitors, mobile PCs, mobile devices and commercial and other applications with display panels


AU Optronics can trace its history back to the establishment of Acer Display Technologies, which was founded in 1996 and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2000. AU Optronics was itself established in 2001 by way of a merger between Acer Display Technology and Unipac Optoelectronics Corporation.

In 2002 the merged Company became the first pure TFT-LCD manufacturer to list successfully on the New York Stock Exchange. Following its public listing the Company continued to grow, acquiring Quanta Display in 2006. AU Optronics is today one of the largest and most well-known manufacturers of display technology. In 2014 the Company had a reported valuation of around $5 billion, its current market capitalisation, however, is $2,86 billion.

Business model of AU Optronics

Customer Segments

AU Optronics produces electronic displays and solar energy products, primarily for manufacturers of electronic devices.

According to the Company’s 2015 annual report, a significant portion of AU Optronics’ revenue is generated through doing business with a small set of customers. The report states that the Company’s five largest customers accounted for 39.7%, 33.4% and 36.5%, respectively, of net revenue in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Certain of AU Optronics’ customers account individually for more than 10% of AU Optronics’ annual net revenue, notably electronics giant Samsung Group accounted for 13.8%, 10.2% and 11.7% of net revenue in 2013, 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Value Propositions

AU Optronics offers value to its customers by providing quality, efficient and reliable products. The Company is among the most well-respected operators in its industry, as demonstrated by its association with high-profile companies such as Samsung, and collaborates with a range of partners to provide its customers with the best possible products.

Despite its standing, AU Optronics continues to develop new technologies with a view to creating innovative, industry-leading products. Customers and suppliers of AU Optronics receive ongoing technical support and assistance, both directly from AU Optronics representatives and through online resources hosted on the Company’s website.


AU Optronics operates mobile and desktop websites at, where customers can browse the Company’s catalogue of products and services.

Sales however are not made through the website, rather customers are able to purchase AU Optronics’ products directly through contact with the Company’s sales team or through a network of authorised distributors and online resellers.

Customer Relationships

While AU Optronics details its products and services on its website, purchases cannot be made directly from the Company on a self-service basis. Instead customers are able to contact the AU Optronics sales team directly in order to place orders and make enquiries.

Products can also be purchased from authorised distributors and a network of online resellers. AU Optronics provides its customers with a range of technical support resources, guides customers directly through assistance online, over the phone and over email.

The Company also interacts with its customers through its social media accounts, including mainstream networks Facebook and Twitter, as well as lesser-known micro-blogging and social networking platform Plurk.

Key Activities

AU Optronics’ operations are divided into two business segments: Display Business and Solar Business.

The Company’s Display Business accounts for the vast majority of its revenue. This segment comprises the research, development, production and sale of thin film transistor liquid crystal displays and other flat panel displays used in a range of products, including televisions, mobile devices, personal computers and monitors.

AU Optronics’ Solar Business involves the design and manufactures of solar photovoltaic modules and systems used in the generation of heat and electricity. The Company is also a market leader in developing low carbon initiatives for a sustainable environment.

Key Partners

AU Optronics collaborates with a range of companies and service providers across the world. This includes distributors, affiliates, and electronic and solar production companies.

AU Optronics lists a number of affiliate companies on its website, divided into six categories: LED Solutions, Green Energy, IC Design, Chemical and Materials, System Integration, and Inverter. Among these affiliate partners are electronics companies Lextar, Qisda, Darfon, Raydium and Dazzo.

The AU Optronics Solar Business also lists a number of operating partners, comprising renewable energy and solar technology companies in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and the US. This includes South African operator Solaire Direct, US-based Crawford Electric, Korean company JungLim, French operator KDI Solaire and Australia’s Apollo Energy.

The Company has also had strategic partnerships with high-profile companies such as Evonik and Sony.

Key Resources

AU Optronics’ key resources are its proprietary technologies, its manufacturing facilities and supply chain networks, its logistics and warehousing facilities, its sales and distribution networks and its personnel.

Searches of records held by the US Patent and Trademark office identified a number of patent applications filed in AU Optronics’ name, including applications entitled ‘Display panel and scanning circuit’, ‘Display and method of generating an image with uniform brightness’ and ‘Organic light-emitting diode display panel’.

Cost Structure

AU Optronics incurs costs in relation to the acquisition of manufacturing supplies, the operation of production facilities, the management and operation of warehousing and logistics networks, and the retention of its personnel.

The Company employs more than 45,000 workers worldwide, all accounting for costs in the form of salaries and benefits, and operates offices across Asia, Europe and the US.

Revenue Streams

AU Optronics generates revenue through the manufacture and sale of electronic display units and solar products. In the year ended 31st December 2015, AU Optronics recorded an annual net revenue of just under $11 billion. The Company’s display business accounted for the vast majority of its annual revenue, generating $10.17 billion, representing more than 92% of the Company’s total 2015 revenue. AU Optronics’ solar business recorded $822 million in annual revenue, accounting for around 8% of the Company’s business that year.

AU Optronics’ 2015 revenue was down around 11.7% on the previous year, in response to weak global demand and supply, reportedly caused by the rise of Chinese competitor BOE Technology Group. The Company’s ability to maintain or increase its revenues depends principally on its ability to retain market share, develop and increase its sales, and introduce and develop new and innovative products. According to its most recent annual report, AU Optronics’ revenue depends largely on the business of a small number of customers.

Our team

Paul Peng,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

info: Paul serves as AU Optronics’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, having been at the Company since 1998. He first joined the Company as its Vice President of Supply Chain Management and has gone on to hold several senior executive roles. In 2001 he helped establish AU Optronics' Suzhou module plant, the Company's first overseas manufacturing facility as General Manager of the Suzhou site. He later returned to Taiwan and joined the Company’s Sales and Marketing Division, serving as General Manager of the IT Display Business Group.  In 2008 Peng was appointed Executive Vice President of the Global Business Unit, overseeing management of the TV Business Group, the IT Display Business Group, and the Consumer Product Business Group. Peng was named President of the Company in 2012 and subsequently Chairman in 2015. Prior to joining AU Optronics, Peng worked at BenQ from 1990, heading the company’s Material and production Department in Malaysia.

Michael Tsai,
President Chief Operating Officer

info: Michael has served as President and Chief Operating Officer at AU Optronics since 2015. He is a long-serving employee of the Company, having first joined AU Optronics in 1997 as head of the Material Management and Procurement Division. He has held a number of roles within the Company, principally in relation to sales, marketing, supply chain and manufacturing functionality. In 2002 Tsai was promoted to Director of Material Management and Logistics at the AU Optronics Suzhou module plant. In 2005 he was appointed Associate Vice President of the Procurement Division, going on to serve as Senior Associate Vice President of IT Display Manufacturing in 2007. Following this appointment, he moved into the sales and marketing sphere, taking on the position of Vice President and General Manager of the Information Technology Business Group in 2008. Before assuming his current position Tsai served as Vice President and General Manager of the Video Solutions Business Group from 2011 and Senior Vice President from 2013.

Benjamin Tseng,
Chief Financial Officer

info: Benjamin has been the Chief Financial Officer at AU Optronics since 2015. He has been with the Company since 2008, first serving as Director of Financial Management. He was promoted to Associate Vice President in charge of financing and accounting in 2011, and later served as Associate Vice President of Finance, his final role before becoming Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining AU Optronics Tseng worked at Coretronic Corporation as Director of Corporate Development. He also worked for more than 10 years at ABN AMRO.