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Aver simplifies the healthcare payment system by providing a simple, easy-to-use software platform that automates bundled payments. Its mission is to bring “honesty and simplicity to healthcare billing” and it believes “bundled payment will change healthcare for the better, making it more understandable, efficient, and effective for everyone


Aver provides a data management platform and associated suite of products that automates bundled payments in the healthcare reimbursement space. Its patented software platform is built around “episodes of care.” It offers a suite of related analytic products:

  • AverCloud: AverCloud is Aver’s core product. An analytic software platform, it unites payers, patients, and providers around one data-driven and value-based payment system. Aver’s software program analyzes available data, then creates reports and bundled payments. It is can be used by insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid plans, and health providers.
  • Currents: Currents is a platform for reimbursement built around a value-based model. It simplifies the entire process between all players involved.
  • Informatics: Informatics is an analytic service for combining, analyzing, and simplifying data for easy presentation. Some of the tools included with the Informatics platform include analysis of “total cost of care, pay for performance, population health, and contract modeling.”
  • Formulary: Formulary is a marketplace-type service that allows users to comparison shop for formulas of treatment bundles that have already been created.
  • Converge: Converge is a service to upload, merge, and organize data to make analysis easier and faster. Using this platform, data can be uploaded from any source and made ready for deployment in approximately ten days.


Aver was founded in 2010 by Kurt Brenkus and Matt Frohliger. Initially focused on building software solutions for insurance companies, the company moved to building solutions around healthcare billing after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. In January 2016, it raised $13.6 million in a round led by Heritage Group. It is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

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