Careers at Axiom Zen


Axiom Zen specializes in promoting and nurturing new business ideas and products.

Business Ventures

  • ZenHub: Provides a platform for project management, and creates a collaborative environment for teams to develop their products.
  • Timeline: Brings important news stories to readers through the Apple App Store, and is mentioned in the Apple “Best of 2015” list of applications.
  • Hammer & Tusk: Provides innovative virtual and augmented reality products, and offers renovations to the industry of technologically enhanced immersive experiences.
  • Routific: Enhances delivery and pickup routes for fleets of varying sizes through optimization techniques.
  • Talera: Offers recruiting services for businesses making the hiring process easier and simpler.
  • Aeronaut: An Apple app store application which is offered for free and allows users to play a visual memory game which is relaxing and offers stunning visuals.
  • Sugar Skulls: An Apple app store application which offers a pattern matching game with a twist, also offered for free.


In 2012 Roham Gharegozlou founded Axiom Zen as a startup which helped create more startups. The company founder described his company as a team of guys and girls from all over the world who find the coolest things possible to work on. Axiom Zen is a company which incubates and innovates other entrepreneurial ventures, and takes them from the conceptual stage to a functioning enterprise.

Axiom Zen began when founder Roham Gharegozlou left his job in Silicon Valley, and gathered together a team of innovative thinkers. This team would go on to create ideas for new products which would grow into their own separate businesses. The company has an unconventional yet ingenious business model by offering a service which develops other businesses.

Employees of Axiom Zen are not required to work on a specific project, but are encouraged to choose what they are interested in. This allows for a very creative and unique environment where employees are able to work without constraints. ZenHub, developed by Axiom Zen, was originally created to solve an internal issue within the company.

However, their associates saw how capable the application was so Axiom Zen decided to develop it further and put it into production. A result of the creative and free flowing thought structure of the company.

Benefits at Axiom Zen