Careers at Behaviour Interactive


Behaviour Interactive develops 2D and 3D video games specializing in action and adventure style games for consoles, handheld gaming systems, and computers.

Business Segments

  • Console: Develops some of the most played video games for console such as Halo Waypoint, Dishonored Definitive Edition, Far Cry 3, Dirt Rally, Shadow of Mordor, and more!
  • MMO: Produces online multiplayer games such as Star Citizen, Monkey Quest, and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade. Around 20-million players have played their top five children’s MMO.
  • Mobile: Develops high quality games for mobile platforms such as Monster University, Pacific Rim, Temple Run Brave, Pro Feel Golf, and much more.
  • Digital: Creates some of the most recognized digital games with around 12-million XBLA downloads and three IGN awards. Games created are: Dead by Daylight, Doritos Crash Course 2, Tetris, and Assault Heroes 2.


Behaviour Interactive was founded in 1992 by Rémi Racine. The company originally went by the name Megatoon Entertainment Group. Rémi then co-founded a Multimedia Interactive development software two years later. These two startups that she was involved in merged into Behaviour Interactive after they were bought by Malofilm Communications in 1996.

The company would switch hands from Malofilm Communications back into the control of Rémi in 2000 when she and a few investors bought the gaming studio back. Although Rémi reacquired the studio, she was forced to rename the company to Artificial Mind & Movement. The company remained under this name until 2010 when they were finally able to change the studio back to its original name of Behaviour Interactive.

Although there was a lot of turbulence with the ownership and branding of the company, this had no effect on the production of their games. From 2000 through 2010 the gaming studio released over fifty games. The gaming studio continues to release additional titles under its original name of Behavior Interactive and has seen immense success with their most famous games. One game the studio is yet to release is “Star Citizen” which is very likely to be a popular title.