Careers at Brillio


Brillio offers technological solutions for businesses on a global scale, and develops innovative and game changing solutions to improve the competitive abilities of their clients.

Business Segments

  • Brillio Imagine: Provides business consulting services which allow businesses to visualize then implement digital solutions for their business operations and take advantage of opportunities which otherwise may have gone unnoticed.
  • Digital Experiences: Improves ease of access for the customer interacting with a digital business platform, increasing the ability for customers to communicate, buy, and share their experiences.
  • Big Data Analytics: Provides analytics services which take in the large amount of information generated by daily customer interactions and provides actionable insights and market trends.
  • Engineering: Offers comprehensive and custom tailored business solutions through use of digital infrastructure to harness the potential that a digital platform is able to offer a business.


Brillio was recently founded in 2014 by Phillip Stauffer. Soon after the company was founded they acquired Marketelligent, a data analytics startup which added to their capabilities in the field of data analytics. Brillio was spun off from the former Collabera IT Solutions, which explains how Brillio currently employs over 8,000 professionals in its workforce. With an aim to grow further the company has set aside $70 million to aquire additional companies in the emerging technologies market.

In the current day and age companies have to be wary of their cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Even some of the largest corporations have fallen victim to attacks in recent years. Brillio seeks to employ their expertise and resources to assist companies in building up a formidable digital defense. Along with their intuitive digital platform creation and data analytics services, Brillio engineers infrastructure to protect companies from such attacks.

The company believes that by incorporating artificial intelligence and segmentation into business defenses that the risk of a digital breach is significantly reduced. Brillio is a technological solutions company that seeks to provide the most innovative solutions for the full spectrum of business needs, custom tailored to the clients’ specifications.

Logo © by Brillio (Wikimedia Commons) under CC BY-SA 4.0