Careers at Canary


Canary intends to design complete security systems housed within a single device. They want to be the world’s premier provider of smart home security devices, making people feel safer at home.

Product segments

Canary has several security products for consumers to choose from.

  1. Canary – An all-in-one security solution that includes an HD video camera, temperature, humidity, and air sensors, as well as a siren.
  2. Canary Flex – This can be used both indoors and outdoors that is weatherproof and wireless.
  3. Accessories – Several extra components and parts are available to be used in conjunction with the Canary Flex, such as the Secure Mount, Twist Mount, and Stake Mount.


Three people founded canary: Adam Sager, Chris Rill, and Jon Troutman. One day, Chris came home from a nice vacation and he was surprised to see that his front door was completely gone. Somebody had stolen it. Since Chris was an embedded software and hardware systems expert who build security programs for Fortune 500 companies, he started working on building his own security system that would safeguard his house.

Half way around the world, Adam walked up to his front door with a bit of apprehension and worry after his long vacation. While nothing happened to his apartment while he was away, he was frightened that he had no clue want went on inside his house. He wanted to find a security solution that would monitor everything that goes on inside his house while he is away.

At first, he could not find an affordable and easy to use security system. Using his experience of building embedded systems and software for the US military, he ended up creating his own innovative solution that was simple and affordable.

Soon afterward, he met Chris and they shared a vision of designing intelligent home security solutions. They eventually met Jon, another co-founder of Canary security solutions. In July 2013, Canary launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and it became the most funded project in the history of Indiegogo. They were so successful in their early days, they had sole 10,000 devices to over 78 countries within their first month!

In August 2013, Canary received $1.2 million in Seed funding, led by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. In March 2014, the organization received $10 million in Series A funding, led by Khosla Ventures. In June the following year, Canary received $30 million in Series B funding, led by Walden Riverwood Ventures.

Now, Canary has its headquarters in New York City. Experts in the field of product design, engineering, computer vision, machine learning, and security comprise the team at this company.

Benefits at Canary