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CapTech’s mission is to bridge the gap between business and technology.


The Inc. 5000 is described as a list of companies that are the “superheroes of the US economy”.  These are the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. For a company to be listed on the Inc. 5000 for nine years in a row is an astounding achievement. This distinction belongs to CapTech. Co-founder and Chairman, Sandy Williamson, along with his friend Slaughter Fitz-Hugh, started the firm in 1997. Fitz-Hugh is now the Chief Financial Officer.

The two friends had a history together at Accenture, where both of them worked as consultants. Although the two had entrepreneurial mindsets and had discussed starting a company several times before, they did not follow through with their ideas until long after they had moved on to jobs outside of Accenture.

It was when the two friends found themselves in the same city, Richmond, Virginia, that the idea of starting a company came roaring back. They saw a gap in the IT services industry, particularly in data warehousing and corporate internet applications, and thus sought to direct their energy there. The company became an instant hit, making a profit of $380,000 its first year. The company has never relied on outside investors or venture funding, and has consistently remained profitable since its founding.

CapTech has become one of the leading IT management consulting firms in the United States. It provides application development, data analytics, customer engagement and corporate transformation solutions to Fortune-500 companies, government agencies and other large organizations.

In December, 2015, CapTech was acquired by Markel Ventures, further aiding in its expansion nationally. The company today has major office locations in Richmond, Virginia; Washington D.C.; Atlanta; Baltimore; San Francisco; Chicago; Philadelphia; Denver; Charlotte; Columbus and Orlando. In 2015, the company was named the sixth best place to work in the United States by Consulting Magazine.

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