Careers at Captora


Captora’s mission is to help you target, launch, and optimize high-performing campaign portfolios at scale across search, advertising, and social channels.


Captora was founded in 2012 by three brilliant entrepreneurs, Paul Albright (CEO), Joseph Rozenfeld, and Sudhir Kaushik. Captora was formed when the three co-founders, each with different capabilities, recognized the opportunity to enhance marketers’ performance in the business field. The founders visualized a technological innovation that would change how we view Top-to-Funnel (ToFU) marketing forever.

Captora had the advantage of exceptional leadership and guidance from Paul Albright who brought with him experience in leading product marketing and sales in some of the most innovative and prominent market-creating companies in Silicon Valley. On the other hand, Joseph had 25 years of experience successfully developing and marketing leading-edge technologies in CTO and engineering positions.

Captora took a content-driven approach to digital marketing, where the Company’s solutions eliminated the aspect of guesswork. Captora would enhance marketing performance for their clients by combining content, real-time data, and competitive insights that would leverage the right kind of content to attract the clients’ target audience without being aware of their organizations.

In March 2013, Captora received $5.25 million in its Series A funding led by Bain Capital Ventures and Tim Kopp. In May 2014, the Company received a further $22 million in its Series B funding led by New Enterprise Associates, Bain Capital Ventures, and Tim Kopp.

Captora is revolutionizing marketing by enabling organizations to target, optimize, and launch high-performing marketing campaigns across multiple networks. Captora enable marketing teams to realize the type of content and the various channels that attract the target audience with certainty. The Company also works to provide services that are cost-effective to their clients by enabling the optimization of their marketing strategies at scale. Captora has grown to have an estimated annual revenue of $3.4 million and an employee base of 54 active personnel.

Benefits at Captora