Careers at CareDox


CareDox’s mission is to create a unified health record for the next generation to improve pediatric health outcomes.

Business Segments

CareDox organizes the operations into several different business segments.

  • Care Coordination – Making it possible for schools, families, and local provider networks to successfully opt-in to a data sharing agreement in order to manage chronic conditions and streamline both the delivery and access of care within their communities.
  • Population Health Programs – Working with researchers from hospitals, the government, and life science companies in order to make it possible for unidentified reports and analytics around health related information to be made available.
  • Patient Education – Creating a way for health organizations to manage and support their own health educational messaging to users of the system.

Company History

CareDox was founded back in 2014. The company is led by a team of long term entrepreneurs from several different industries, including banking, retail, and health technology. The founders initially wanted to create a method for parents to effectively and efficiently manage their family’s health information. They soon discovered that there was a great need for the technology to support public school health programs with the parents and districts included. The company is now able to provide free technology that covers health care for more than a million students.

The first school was launched in June of 2014. Three month later, they were able to build an EMR with medications, screenings, and episodes. In July of 2015, the company introduced the ‘Free for Public Schools’ program and shortly after signed the Chicago public schools as a school health partner. In October of the same year, the Broward County Public Schools came on board as a partner as well. This year, the company started by passing the one million mark of students under the management of the program. As of March 2016, CareDox serves over half the schools in the United States.

The company currently works with over 2,800 American Schools. The company is fully compliant with both HIPAA and FERPA. This means they never have to share personal information about the students, parents, teachers, administrators, nurses, or any other  users unless specific consent is given from the owners of the information. CareDox uses a Student Information Systems (SIS) in order to load the district’s student roster onto a secure platform.  This helps both the students and their parents stay top on the student’s health care needs and requirements.

The company’s overall goal is to ensure that every child is healthy because healthy children are able to focus better on learning. In today’s society, many US schools are not properly funded and under staffed. This makes it hard for the healthcare management within the schools to be effectively and efficiently monitored and controlled. CareDox is able to solve this challenge by providing an innovative cloud based solution that is a solid option for families, schools, and the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.

schools to connect with families and the rest of the healthcare ecosystem. Connecting so many stakeholders with extremely sensitive information requires a world-class design and security model. In this blog post, we are sharing technical details on the four pillars of our security framework: regulatory compliance, system design, cloud infrastructure, and information audits/alerts.