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Celmatix uses the analysis of genes to determine their impact on fertility and individualize treatments.

Product Segments

Celmatix’s cloud based data analytics platform, Polaris, enhances fertility clinics’ patient management and treatment. The service replaces paper-based forms and helps establish which patients are ready to initiate treatment. Physicians are able to access medical history earlier and can automatically create progress reports based on information provided by the patient.

Patients receive personalized reports and materials which reduces the risk of information being misinterpreted, and important information can be relayed in between visits. The service also streamlines the communication process within clinical support teams.

Polaris features several tools including the Patient Portal that can collect new patient information electronically and helps guide the patient through their treatment process. The Treatment Navigator which allows physicians to create personalized treatment recommendations and uses predictive models to provide a simulated second opinion. The Clinic Manager gives clinics insight into patient behavior and overall clinic activity.


Celmatix was founded in 2009 by Dr. Piraye Yurttas Beim. Dr. Beim previously conducted postdoctoral research on embryology at the University of Cambridge and completed her doctoral work at Cornell on the molecular genetics of mammalian fertility.  Previously, women’s fertility was based on age alone and Dr. Beim sought to provide a clearer understanding based on data and biology.

By analyzing large amounts of clinical and genetic datasets, Celmatix has developed an unparalleled understanding of the human reproductive system. They have identified over 5,200 unique human genomes that effect one’s ability to conceive. By compiling the world’s largest clinical dataset on fertility treatment outcomes, their research has revolutionized proactive fertility management.

In 2015, Celmatix launched the Personalized Reproductive Medicine (PReM) Initiative, a research partnership with the leading academic institutions and fertility treatment centers across the United States. Together they focus on determining what an individual’s genetics and other metrics say about their overall fertility.

The PReM Initiative aims to revolutionize how infertility is diagnosed, treated, and possibly prevented. In 2016, the scientist at Celmatix teamed with 23andMe, a DNA analysis service, to help detect the underlying reasons a woman might be having trouble conceiving.

Over 12 fertility clinics in the United States are utilizing Celmatix’s services to help over 10,000 patients become pregnant. Headquartered in New York, NY with a lab in Brooklyn, NY the company is composed of teams that focus on groundbreaking research, insights into data science, clinical laboratory oversight, and more. They have raised over $19 million in funding through the private equity firm Topspin Partners.

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