Careers at Clarifai


The mission of Clarifai is to “transform the way we see the world.”

Nature of the Business

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in teaching machines to recognize, classify, filter, and find images and videos stored in large media databases. It does this by creating data algorithms that simulate the neural networks of the human brain. In deep learning, which is employed by the Clarifai Application Program Interface (API), the algorithms are composed of multiple processing layers, including both linear and non-linear transformations which represent high level abstractions in the data.

Clarifai’s API has been designed specifically for image and video recognition. It can be installed by users or built into other software by developers. A computer equipped with Clarifai’s API will:

  • Organize large collections of visual material by sorting it into categories, using tags or visual clues,
  • Moderate review processes for user-generated material by automatically tagging each image or video and filtering out unwanted content,
  • Search by image rather than by keyword, using visually similar content to find exactly what the user is looking for,
  • Train itself to recognize any new classification concept or visual clue in seconds, with just a few user-provided examples, and
  • Serve specialized needs of businesses, such as one-time batch processing to clean up a backlog of visual material or creation and testing of customized visual recognition projects.


Clarifai’s visual recognition API was developed to help businesses and software developers alike solve real-world problems. The company was founded in 2013 to market its new product, and immediately went on to win the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition.

Since then, Clarifai’s API has continued to break new ground in the use of deep machine learning, and is rapidly demonstrating the advantages of employing simulation of neural networks over traditional techniques for managing visual material that has been digitized and stored on a computer.

Benefits at Clarifai