Careers at Colliers International


Colliers International provides advice and solutions to real estate operations in 66 countries, and offers professional experience which increases success in the real estate industry.

Business Segments

  • Investor Services: Offers professional investment services which improve success for landlords, projects, property marketing efforts, real estate management, property research, valuation and advice.
  • Occupier Services: Provides professional service which increases success for tenants, corporate operations, project managers, and property research operations.
  • Specialized Services: Offers their specialized services for the purpose of food advisory, healthcare services, debt and equity financing, retail operations, and much more!


The story of Colliers International begins way back in the late 1800s, when a group of entrepreneurs founded Macaulay Nicolls, which was a property management and insurance agency located in Vancouver, Canada. In 1927 the firm received its name, Colliers Group, as a tribute to Ronald Collier; who was an Australian real estate pioneer and served as a mentor to the companys’ owners.

The company became as it is known today, Colliers International, in 1976 when a Hong Kong based firm joined Colliers. Shortly after international expansion happens rapidly with the company opening offices in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Additional expansion happens in 1980 when Colliers International begins to operate in the United Kingdom as well.

Macaulay Nicolls has been working alongside Colliers International until the two companies join together in 1984. This enjoinment of these two companies increases the reach of Colliers International into 20 markets worldwide. Throughout the years of 1990-1995 the company expands into South America and Latin America, as well as Eastern Europe.

As a tribute to the company, Colliers International sponsored a Mount Everest expedition in May of 1997; where Canadian climbers Alan Hobson and Jamie Clarke were successful in reaching the summit.  All the years of global expansion pays of when in 2002, Colliers International reaches a revenue of $1-billion, and ranks at the number one spot for global reach.

From 2002-2010 the company expands further into Peru, Costa Rica, Panama; and in 2013 became the first global real estate firm to enter into Myanmar. Today the company operates in 66 different countries and offers its extensive experience to provide solutions for organizations across multiple different industries.