Careers at Context Relevant


Context Relevant seeks to harness the capabilities of machine learning to enable customers to solve new and complex business problems.

Business Segments

  • Cybersecurity Application: Provides an application called Hanto which adapts to threats to security in real-time and delivers information about threats to the clients’ security operations team.
  • Automated Data Science Platform: Uses machine learning techniques to solve and propose solutions to problems which previously were too complex for humans alone to solve. Speeds up the creation of these solutions to increase enterprise productivity.
  • Fraud Solutions: Offers security for platforms where transactions are made in order to improve buyer trust and seller reliability by detecting a potential issue before it becomes a problem.


Context Relevant was founded in 2012 by Stephen Purpura and Chris Metcalfe. The company operates by providing predictive data analysis services, which saves money for enterprises by removing the need for a large data analysis team. By using data from a variety of sources and behavioral libraries for finance, web personalization and online travel, the company taps into information which is very useful for detecting and preventing malicious activities.

Also provided are solutions based off of machine learning which is able to approach a problem from multiple different angles and find solutions which would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

In 2014 Context Relevant gained recognition for their innovative software and was mentioned in DataBeat’s Innovation Showdown. Furthermore, in 2014 the company was also nominated by GeekWire for the Pacific Northwest Startup of the Year. Context Relevant made an appearance at FinovateSpring in 2015 where they had a presentation on the capabilities of their product.

During this presentation they elaborated on the fact that their software has the capability to automate, compute, and analyze large amounts of data and provide the results into their modeling process without human interaction. Context Relevant takes advantage of the advancing levels of computational power to deliver high quality data analytic solutions and cyber defense.

Benefits at Context Relevant