Careers at Conversocial


Conversocial aims to turn unsatisfactory business social media interactions into organized and meaningful conversations.

Product Segments

Conversocial offers three levels of social interaction packages.

  • Engage: Offers a platform to organize social media interactions with top social media networks, a core workflow, analytics, business on messenger integration and much more.
  • Evolve: Provides all of the features of the previous package as well as Twitter feedback surveys, customer profiles, quality control, resolution management and much more.
  • Extend: Offers the full range of features with channel API integrations, and additional pro-active search features on Twitter and Instagram.


Joshua March and Dan Lester formed Conversocial in 2009 with hopes of providing a less chaotic social media interaction between businesses and the consumers which rely on them. The company co-founder Joshua March realized that the time was right to enhance the social media capabilities of business to meet the demands of an evolving social media landscape.

By 2010 the company had expanded its options for customers with the addition of their Enterprise package. Almost immediately after the company launched publicly, the social media software was being used by companies in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

By the end of 2011 the company had received over 30 million processed interactions using the software, and was being used by companies such as Groupon, London 2012 Olympics, River Island, and Net-A-Porter. Over 100 customers were using their paid services by the end of 2011.

In 2013 Conversocial released their new Twitter customer performance ranking tool which goes by the name of “Conversocial Performance Tracker.” This tool allows clients to receive statistics on how a company or brand is viewed, whether it be your own or a competitor.

Today the company offers a self-learning prioritization engine, conversation history, analytics and reporting, and team management capabilities. Conversocial aims to provide businesses with the social media interaction capabilities they need to succeed in a new era of marketing strategies.