Careers at Course Hero


Course Hero aims to help students learn with the help of an online learning platform that connects them with the tools they need to succeed in their courses.

Product Segments

Users can create their own or browse existing flashcard sets to help them learn. Flashcards are offered for complex formulas, historical dates, vocabulary, and more. There are also millions of crowdsourced notes, study guides, and practice tests tagged to specific courses from schools all around the world.

Subject-matter experts are available around the clock for assistance. By uploading materials to Course Hero’s Marketplace from their own courses, users can gain free access or earn money.


As a sophomore at Cornell University, Andrew Grauer felt there was a lack of options for students to share information outside of the classroom. He set out to build an online library of course-specific resources while providing a forum to connect students and educators. In 2006 Course Hero was launched, an online learning platform for students to share lectures, notes, study guides, outlines, research, and connect with other students. The site now offers 60.8 million pages of educational content with more than 5 million registered users.

The site has currently reached a funding amount of $17.94 million while being guided by an experienced business team including Jeff Fluhr, co-founder of StubHub, Steve Chen, former CTO of YouTube, and Ron Conway investor in such companies as Google, Ask Jeeves, PayPal.

Benefits at Course Hero