Careers at Curalate


Curalate strives to connect people and products through the pictures that represent them. Offering a visual marketing platform to increase engagement between businesses and consumers that love their products.


Curalate was founded in 2012 by Apu Gupta, and Nick Shiftan. It was in August of this year that the company changed its name from Storably to Curalate. By applying image recognition software, the company offers unique services which allows consumers to shop for their favorite products in innovative ways.

In May of 2012 the Seed funding round generated $750,000 in funding for the company. Then in January of 2013 the Series A funding round generated $3 million in funding from three different investors, with New Enterprise Associates as the leading investor.

Later in June of 2014 the Series B funding round provided the company with $8.6 million in funding from four different investors with New Enterprise Associates as the lead investor again. Finally, in February of 2016, the company obtained an additional $27.5 million in funding during the Series C round with New Enterprise Associates once again leading the investment round.

Using prior funding and technical expertise; Curalate provides services for businesses and customers alike with innovative business segments such as Like2Buy, Fanreel, Visual Insights, Reveal, and Ad services.