Careers at D2L


D2L develops and promotes the use of online digital tools to create learning experiences that are personal, engaging and inspiring. The company’s goal is to transform the way the world learns.

Business segments

D2L is divided into two business segments, products and services.

  • Products: D2L has developed a proprietary learning platform called Brightspace. The platform is designed to help the user deliver a personalized learning experience for anyone, anywhere. The software can be purchased online for immediate download. It is targeted to educators, whether in schools, universities, hospitals, private companies, government agencies or other institutions. D2L also offers analytics, mobile applications and a virtual classroom for online purchase.
  • Services: D2L offers advisory consulting, courseware customization, support and training from each of its nine physical locations.


D2L is a Canadian company with headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario. A visionary systems design engineer, John Baker, founded D2L in 1999, while still a student at the University of Waterloo. In one of his engineering classes John was challenged to look at the world in new ways by coming up with questions that no one had asked before. This led John to the realization that advances in computer-based technology that were driving the world, were not reflected in the classroom. So his question became clear: how could we use technology to dramatically transform learning?

The learning platform developed by D2L is John’s answer to that question. D2L’s technology is currently being used by more than 1,100 clients and 15 million learners, and the D2L team has grown to include over 800 employees around the world. Besides its global headquarters, the parent company now has four other physical locations in Canada, and the D2L family of companies also includes D2L corporations in Australia, Brazil, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In locations where it is working, D2L also supports young entrepreneurs who are developing and applying technology to improve society worldwide.