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Datameer is a big data analytics and visualisation company that provides business users with self-service and schema-free analytics applications based on Apache Hadoop architecture.


Datameer was founded in 2009 by data architects Stefan Groschupf (“Groschupf”) and Ajay Anand (“Anand”). The Company’s products are based on an Apache Hadoop, a framework with which Groschupf and Anand had gained familiarity through their previous architecture roles. The pair recognised the capabilities of Hadoop, particularly in its ability to serve as a single, common place for the collection of data from structured and unstructured sources. Groschupf and Anand aimed to create a platform that utilised Hadoop’s capabilities but that could be presented using a simple interface that required little to no technical ability for users to operate.

Datameer began receiving funding in 2010, closing its Series A round with $2.5 million in investment. The Company to date has raised more than $76 million in funding, receiving investments from big names such as Citi Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Singapore Technologies Telemedia and Next World Capital. Datameer has received recognition within the tech community for its products, being named as a Dow Jones Venture Wire Start-Up To Watch and a GigaOm Data Discovery Leader.

Benefits at Datameer

Business model of Datameer

Customer Segments

Datameer serves clients that require accurate analysis of big data presented in an easily-accessed, manageable and insightful format. This primarily includes big name companies – primarily from the US and Europe – that operate within the aviation, gaming, healthcare, financial services, telecoms, retail, security, automotive and technology sectors, among others.

Datameer’s website includes testimonials from high-profile customers such as American Express, BT, Citi Group, American Airlines, Sears, Telefonica, Comcast and the USA Olympic Team.

Value Propositions

Datameer’s value is based upon the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of its analytics products, as well as the flexibility and ease with which it can be accessed.

The Company’s products provide complex data analysis and insights but does not require any technical expertise, making its products popular among big businesses that require analytics to be presented by non-technical staff members.

The Company’s end-to-end products also allow data to be presented in an easily-digested yet informative way, eliminating the need for customers to use multiple analytics and visualisation products.

Datameer products allow for integration with third-party service providers and can be accessed either via the cloud or through on site installation.


Information regarding Datameer’s products can be found on the Company’s mobile and desktop websites at, where its most basic subscription package can be acquired.

Customer accounts can also be managed and altered through the Datameer website. Once purchased, the Company’s products can be downloaded directly to be used on site or can be accessed via the cloud.

Datameer functionality can also be accessed through a range of third-party integrated applications.

Customer Relationships

Datameer’s most basic package is available via the Company’s website as a self-service product, with no intervention from Datameer representatives. Its more advanced cloud and enterprise subscriptions must be negotiated with members of the Datameer sales team directly, in order to provide a service tailored to the individual requirements of each customer. After purchase, however, these products are also self-service.

Datameer customers are provided support through the Company’s Help Centre and its learning sub-section, which provide a range of resources including tutorials, technical documentation, case studies, tips and troubleshooting guides. This is supplemented by the Company’s support team which provides assistance on a case by case basis.

The Datameer University, where users can enrol in self-paced online courses, and Datameer Certification provide additional training for the Company’s customers.

In addition, Datameer also hosts a community section, where users can interact with one another, collaborate on and discuss technical issues. The Company also updates its customers with developments through its blog, as well as its Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles.

Key Activities

Datameer develops, maintains and sells big data analytics products purpose-built for Hadoop frameworks. Its offerings comprise big data integration, big data analytics, big data visualisation, cloud, and smart analytics products.

The Company also offers a smart execution service, which selects and combines computation frameworks for Datameer workloads, and smart analytics, which provides advanced functionality, including clustering, decision trees and column dependencies.

Additionally, Datameer partners with a number of companies to broaden its marketing and sales network, create integrated solutions, and provide collaborative analytics services to larger clients.

Key Partners

Datameer partners with a variety of companies, primarily those operating within the technology space, in order to provide the most efficient and reliable products to its customers.

The Company collaborates with authorised resellers, referral partners, consulting partners, original equipment manufacturers and analytics companies. Its tech partners also include Hadoop service providers and distributors, cloud platform providers, systems integrators and developers.

In recent years Datameer has partnered with Dell for Hadoop integration, enterprise software company MapR for joint technology and marketing projects, IT solutions company Carahsoft for the provision of analytics and insights for government bodies, and analytics firm Cirrus Seven for enterprise analytics systems.

Key Resources

Datameer’s key resources relate principally to the development, maintenance and operation of its analytics platform. This comprises its proprietary technology, its IT infrastructure – including its network of servers and data centres – and its engineering and development personnel.

While the Company’s technology is key, searches of records held by the US Patent and Trademark Office identified no patent applications registered in Datameer’s name.

The Company’s sales and marketing and support teams also play an important role in Datameer’s operations.

Cost Structure

Datameer’s principal costs are incurred through the maintenance and development of its platform, operation costs related to its IT infrastructure network, and retention of its personnel.

The Company accrues fixed rental costs for its server and office space, and pays salaries and benefits to its workforce of sales staff support staff and engineers, who are estimated to number around 100.

Revenue Streams

Datameer generates revenue through the sale of annual subscriptions to its big data analytics platform. The Company offers three flagship products: Datameer Personal, Datameer Cloud and Datameer Enterprise.

Only Datameer Personal is available as a self-service product directly from the Company’s website, priced at $25 per month. The price of the Datameer Cloud and Datameer Enterprise services must be negotiated with the Company directly. Some reports suggest that enterprise contracts can cost upwards of $100,000 per year.

Recent reports estimate that Datameer’s revenue is recorded at around $100 million per year.

Our team

Stefan Groschupf,
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

info: Stefan has served as Datameer’s Chief Executive Officer since co-founding the Company in 2009. He is also a former co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of search technology company 101tec, where he worked from 1996 until co-founding Datameer in 2009. During this period Groschupf held a number of additional roles within the data analytics space, starting in 2003 when he joined Hoffman-La Roche as a data mining architect. He moved on in 2004, briefly holding data architecture roles at Siemens and Deutsche Post before being appointed Chief Technology Officer of search company Sproose in 2005. He held this position until 2008, serving in simultaneous architecture roles for software company Krugle, telecoms company Carrier IQ and the German government. In 2008 he served briefly as the Chief Technology Officer of visual media company Thinglink before co-founding Scale Unlimited, where he was Chief Executive Officer for just over a year. During 2009 he also provided data architecture services to EMI Music.

Ajay Anand,
Co-Founder and Former Vice President of Products

info: Ajay served for two years as Datameer’s Vice President of Products. He is currently employed by data analytics company Kyvos Insights as its Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. Anand has held positions within the tech sector since the 1990s, first joining Sun Microsystems as a manager in 1991. He was appointed to the board of Aspect Communications in 1999, leaving the company in 2000. From 2002 to 2005 Anand served as Director of Product Management at computer hardware company SGI, before briefly rejoining Sun Microsystems in its Market Development Division. Before cofounding Datameer, Anand served for two years as the Director of Product Management at Yahoo.

Peter Voss,
Chief Technology Officer

info: Peter has been Datameer’s Chief Technology Officer since 2009. He is also the owner of Horizont Entertainment which operates a website for online games. Voss began his career in 1999 as a software for the Centre for Applied Computer Sciences in Cologne. From here his career followed a similar path to that of Groschupf, serving as a software engineer at Deutsche Post from 2002 to 2007, providing consulting services to Krugle between 2006 and 2008 and serving as a cloud software engineer at EMI Music in 2009.

Kenneth Jakobsen,
Chief Revenue Officer

info: Kenneth has been the Chief Revenue Officer at Datameer since 2014. He has previously held a number of executive positions with a focus on business development and sales. His earliest role was as a research assistant at the Copenhagen Business School from 1999 to 2001. He joined marketing and advertising company Publicis Groupe in 2001 as a director, a position he held until 2004. After a short marketing internship at Boston Consulting Group, Jakobsen was named as a director at CA Technologies, later serving as one of the company’s senior directors. He stayed with CA Technologies until 2013, holding executive roles – including Vice President of Operations and Business Development and Vice President of On Demand Solutions – from 2008. Prior to joining Datameer, Jakobsen was employed by software company Roambi, serving as its Chief Operating Officer for a year.