Careers at DLJ Financial


To be your lender for life; not just the life of your loan.


Following the 2008 real estate crash, the mortgage lending firm has been viewed with suspicion by many homeowners. DLJ Financial was started to address many of the concerns that homeowners have about lending. Founded in 1998, DLJ was formed with the intent of offering homeowners a highly personalized lending service. Aiming to be a “different kind of lender”, DLJ provided customers with home loan products, consolidation loans and mortgage refinancing options through personalized channels.

The company was founded by Lorne Lahodny, who spent 20 years in the real estate service business prior to starting DLJ. He is now the firm’s CEO. DLJ’s Vice President is Keith Falk, a financial services industry veteran with experience in several Fortune 500 companies. The firm’s CFO is Phil Dandridge

From its earliest days, DLJ has remained a small company and has focused on the individual broker as the main selling point. By hiring brokers with a minimum of ten years of work experience, DLJ could offer personalized and trustworthy expertise to its prospective customers. By emphasizing ethics and customer service, DLJ has managed to outsmart competitors such as the big banks and online brokerage services. In fact, a large number of DLJ’s customers find their way to the business after using online comparison and research websites.

By choosing to be a mortgage broker, DLJ has offered its customers a choice of loans from over twenty different financial institutions. The company was given the Gold Leaf award by LendingTree in 2016. It was also on the Orange County Business Journal’s list of Best Places to Work from 2013 to 2015. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company, DLJ has an A+ customer satisfaction rating.