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DroneDeploy provides cloud-based software for drone operators with a purpose of making the skies accessible and conducive for productive and knowledgeable work.

The Product

DroneDeploy offers three membership levels with varying features.

  • Explorer: Offers a selection of DroneDeploy features free of charge such as; map and 3D model processing, maximum of 500 photo uploads per map, and Android/iOS mobile app features.
  • Pro: Includes all previous features with the addition of elevation layers, volume measurement, and map export services for the price of $99 a month.
  • Business: Provides the full array of DroneDeploy features with ground control points, contour export, and custom coordinates for the price of $299 a month.


Founded in 2013 by Jono Millin, Michael Winn, and Nicholas Pilkington. DroneDeploy was created with the goal of making drone hardware controllable and accessible to those who didn’t know much about drones. Through the use of their software package, customers can take on projects in industries such as Agriculture, Construction, Drone Services, Inspection, and Mining.

In 2015 Esri, a mapping software company, accepted DroneDeploy into their startup program. Using Esri’s map processing software the company was able to improve upon their drone image processing abilities. DroneDeploy uses their image recognition software to detect things such as crop health and infestation, asset management, map creation and much more. Leveraging the Esri ArcGIS software allows for DroneDeploy to connect newly developed applications as third-party app plugins for the use of image data analyzation.

DroneDeploy offers applications for use on the Android and iOS app store. These applications are used to further compliment their services in 135 countries, and allow users to fly their drones while creating interactive 3D maps and models. Understanding the ever increasing market for drone technology, DroneDeploy offers advanced solutions for the various needs of their customers across a wide array of industries. Moreover, while using their software customers can enjoy a live first-person view as they use their drone.

Benefits at DroneDeploy