Careers at Easterseals


Easterseals wants to strengthen communities by cultivating the abilities of members of the local community who have special needs. The company paves the way for fostering and unlocking untapped potential via programs and services, to inspire and support every disabled individual to unleash their true abilities.

Product Segments

Easterseals has a comprehensive list of programs and services to teach and train individuals, to bring out the best in them that they are unaware of. They have employment services, life skills, and community involvement alternatives, all assisting individuals to live independent and healthy lives. Some of their main services and programs are listed below and have been grouped into 3 key subsections.

Live – Easterseals provides comprehensive vital programs to support and help people reach their full potential.

  • Adult Services – These services offers individuals the chance to become active members of their community by taking part in volunteer work and community service programs.
  • Autism Therapy Services – Easterseals focuses on therapies that are proven to be effective in increasing skills of individuals suffering from autism.
  • Living Options – These services aim to help people live by themselves in their own homes without any supervision.
  • Senior Day Services – Easterseals supports older adults by offering services that meet their needs by addressing the challenges of early memory loss, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and cardiovascular related impairments.

Learn – Easterseals has programs designed to help children learn basic functions and master skills needed to develop and sustain a healthy living.

  • Children Services – Easterseals has several Child Development Centers (CDC), serving children from birth until the age of five years. With very modern tools, a caring environment, and individualized learning plans, Easterseals goes the extra mile to help disabled children

Work – Offering a range of training and other services that help prepare people for the workforce, Easterseals understands that in order to overcome challenges and have a good life, you must do meaningful work.

  • Employment Services – The company has program called WorkFirst, a CARF certified program that provided one-on-one, customized employment support services to individuals who are looking for employment. It ensures jobs for disabled people, improving their quality of life and more importantly, stimulating the economy by adding more people in the workforce.
  • Veteran Services – Easterseals has a Veterans Support Program, providing employment support services to veterans who are transitioning out of military service and looking to enter the job market. This could be either civilian jobs or by starting a business by being an entrepreneur.


Easterseals was founded nearly a century ago in 1926, being an amazing resource for individuals and families suffering from disabilities and mental disorders and challenges. The company has been providing excellent services for several decades to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The organization has its headquarters in Santa Ana, California.

In 1907, Edgar Allen, an Ohio businessperson, tragically lost his son in a streetcar accident. The lack of medical services at the time to help his son led Allen to start a fundraising campaign to build a hospital in his hometown of Elyria. With his new hospital, Allen was quite shocked to learn that children with disabilities were hidden from the public eye. This caused Allen to establish the National Society for Crippled Children in 1919.

In 1934, the organization launched its first Easter seals campaign to raise money for its services, designed by J.H, Donahey. This famous cartoonist based the design on a concept of simplicity. The lily is a symbol of spring and it was officially incorporated as Easterseals’ logo in 1952.

With a large amount of support for the Easter seals campaign, this triggered a nationwide expansion of the firm. By 1967, the Easter seal was so ubiquitous and recognized that the company rebranded itself with a new name – Easterseals.

Today, Easterseals has an extensive network of more than 550 sites throughout the United States and through Ability First Australia. Each site provides exceptional services that are innovative, family-focuses, and tailored to meet the special needs of disabled individuals. The organization has a passion for caring, shared by its more than 23,000 staff members and thousands of volunteers.