Careers at EAT Club


To solve the problem of "what’s for lunch" by combining slick technology with a personalized office lunch experience.

Business Segments

EAT Club has two main business segments:

  • EAT Club manages the company’s online platform, food preparation, delivery and relationship management with corporate clients and suppliers.
  • Eat Club for Restaurants manages the company’s partnership with local restaurants. They oversee the logistics, operations and delivery of food prepared by the restaurants to EAT Club customers. They also promote the affiliated restaurants.


This fast growing start-up is transforming the way people eat lunch at work. The company was founded in 2010 to provide meals for office workers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s founders, Kevin Yang and Rodrigo Santibanez, were inspired by Mumbai-based food delivery companies that provide meals to employees at their desks. The company aimed introduce this concept to the US with a modern twist; they would make use of consumer data to rapidly respond to changing trends and requirements to ensure decisions about ingredients and daily menus are data driven.

In 2013, EAT Club shifted its focus from individual office workers to selling to the businesses themselves. The change in business model was a great success; the new approach allowed EAT Club to reach its 2 millionth meal delivery in just 10 months. It had taken the company over 3 years to reach its first million deliveries.

In 2014, the company successfully expanded from the Bay Area to include clients in Los Angeles. EAT Club aims to continue expanding to other US cities.

Today, employers subscribe to EAT Club to provide food as a benefit for their staff and the company’s meals have become a staple for many office workers in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. EAT Club has a relentless focus on quality and attaches great importance to the design of its meals and its green packaging initiatives. This attention to detail has allowed the company to attract high profile clients such as Netflix and Samsung amongst its thousands of corporate customers. EAT Club’s service orientated approach has produced impressive results, with 87% of orders coming from satisfied repeat customers.