Careers at EcoVadis


EcoVadis aims to reduce our carbon footprint by creating a sustainability benchmark which rates buyers and suppliers based on their environmental impact.

Business Segments

  • Buyer Solutions: Provides CSR scorecards which allow buyers to measure their environmental impact throughout a wide variety of business interactions. Increased sustainability has a direct correlation to increased brand value.
  • Supplier Solutions: Offers a route for suppliers to find common ground with stakeholders for the purpose of being transparent about their sustainability practices, and offers solutions to reduce negative environmental impact with daily business practices.


EcoVadis was founded in 2007 by Pierre-Francois Thaler, and Frédéric Trinel for the purpose of holding businesses accountable for their impact on the environment. In 2008 EcoVadis signed into the United Nations Global Compact, effectively aligning their company operations with the ten principles of the United Nations. The company works hand-in-hand with sustainability efforts in various countries to reduce the harm caused by immoral manufacturing and buying practices.

In 2010 the future International Standard ISO 26000 was approved by two-thirds of the countries involved. EcoVadis has used these criteria as a crucial benchmark upon which to assess multiple suppliers and companies. These criteria serve as a “minimum acceptable level” of hazardous materials generated which the company has used to assess thousands of companies in 80 countries.

EcoVadis has a strong belief that business practices which harm our planet harm us all. Throughout the years, since the companys’ inception, they have had a hand in various activities targeting harmful business practices. EcoVadis operates with the lives of those affected in mind, providing realistic and necessary benchmarks to reduce the impact businesses have on the planet, and consequentially human life.

The company seeks to limit our greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the level of awareness through the use of knowledgeable communication. Currently over 30,000 companies reduce risk and improve their sustainability capabilities using EcoVadis, reducing harm done to the environment and life on Earth day by day.