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Elementum works hard to provide businesses with a complete picture of every moving part of the supply chain process. By reducing the need for businesses to carry excess inventory to prevent loss of profit due to supply complications, Elementum offers the possibility to save millions of dollars.

Product segments

Elementum offers its service through five applications and a situation room.

  • Source App: Offers insight into delays and critical events with suppliers that may affect business operations.
  • Transport App: Provides an up-to-date view of products in transit with updates to notify clients when a delay or change is made to the shipment.
  • Manufacture App: Offers immediate insight into quality control and various operations in real-time on the shop floor.
  • Executive App: Provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire supply chain, offering opportunities to strategize and plan.
  • Situation Room: A fully customizable real-time supply chain analysis platform where observations and decisions can be made.


Understanding the complications associated with supply chain management, Nader Mikhail created Elementum in 2012 as a solution. Since high school Mikhail had been running his own start-ups and noticed that nobody had tackled the issues with supply chain management.

Companies often carried excess inventory and used outdated methods to deal with delays in the supply chain. This excess inventory would cost extra for companies, and Mikhail saw a solution to the problem: provide updates for every moving part of the supply chain process and allow for better decision making practices.

Elementum offers a central hub for companies to interact directly with the multiple suppliers, distributers, and manufacturers involved in running their business. By providing a platform where updates feed directly into one place, companies can reduce the amount of excess inventory carried, and save money by being up-to-date with the status of their products wherever they may be in the world.

In 2014 Elementum branched off separately from its parent company, Flextronics, which helped to develop Elementum and its services since its founding in 2012. Flextronics was one of two lead investors in the February 2014 Series B funding round, which provided around $50-million in funding for Elementum. With high hopes for the company’s future in 2015, Elementum CEO Nader Mikhail took the stage in Silicon Valley to discuss the revamping of supply chain management software.

Such a venture requires unprecedented innovations in supply chain management. Being able to predict beforehand where problems may arise directly impacts an 80-trillion-dollar industry. The company uses big data, supply chain graphs, and mobile platforms to bring together all of the information needed to smoothly run the complex operations of various businesses.

Currently offering five applications and a “Situation Room” to lower expenses and drive profitability; Elementum added their most recent feature, an Inventory application, to its services on September 28th, 2016. This application provides the additional feature of being able to track, in real-time, product inventory. Combining this feature with previous applications; Source, Transport, Manufacture, and Executive applications; allows businesses to take control of their operations with precise decision making capabilities.

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