Careers at Enjoy


A company created to change the way people buy and experience the things that matter.


Enjoy was born out of an effort to answer a very common question. Why is technology, which is meant to make our lives easier, so difficult to buy and set up? Enjoy is a company that hand-delivers devices to customers and sets them up if needed.

Founder Tom Suiter found his inspiration from a unique experience he had years ago. While working at Creative Director at Apple in 1980s, Suiter went to novelist Kurt Vonnegut’s house, as part of a marketing campaign, to assemble a Macintosh computer and to teach the writer how to use it. Three decades later, in May 2015, Enjoy was born, essentially offering the same service Suiter offered Vonnegut.

With the selling point being the quality of delivery service, Enjoy set out to add a human touch to the brands which decide to sell through its site. While facing competitors such as Amazon may be daunting for any other e-commerce company, Enjoy has found that its best assets are its people. An average of 22% of products purchased online are returned. However, at Enjoy the return rate is 1.4%. Enjoy received its first round of venture funding in 2014, bringing in $30 million. Its second round of funding in 2015 brought in $50 million.

Suiter has remained at Enjoy as Head of Creative, while Ron Johnson, formerly of JC Penny, has become its CEO. Today, Enjoy’s delivery service is available in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The company has 25 partners and over 150 products available through its website. Enjoy has a unique recruitment strategy. Ron Johnson handpicks each and every new employee. Some of these employees have previously worked as Apple Geniuses. Enjoy has around 250 employees and its headquarters is based in Menlo Park, California.