Careers at Enviro-Clean Services


Enviro-Clean excels in providing janitorial services for schools and educational facilities, and offers their services to a wide range of commercial, office, industrial, and construction facilities.

Business Segments

  • Commercial: Provides cleaning and janitorial services to commercial properties and the clients who own them.
  • Educational: Offers excellence in janitorial services for schools and boasts unmatched responsiveness and flexibility in the educational institutions which use their services.
  • Industrial: Provides professional cleaning and janitorial services in environments which are difficult to navigate such as construction sites and sanitary environments.
  • Medical: Offers services which clean to a level which is acceptable in hospital environments to ensure the utmost quality of sanitation services.
  • Floors and Special Projects: Provides services custom to the needs of the client as well as floor cleaning capabilities.


Enviro-Clean was founded in 1975 by Dan Koster, he and his two sons, Steve and Matt, offer their expertise and executive leadership in running the company. When the company was first starting out it was set up as a small contract cleaning company. Originally the company went by the name of American Building Maintenance.

Originally Dan Koster had a vision of his company being 30 employees strong, this vision turned into reality and soon exceeded his expectations. Today the company has over 1,500 employees and three offices to manage the business.

The company had very humble beginnings with Dan Koster and his wife working out of a van, cleaning one location for $1,200 a month. Often times Dan would work for up to 80 hours through the course of a seven-day period. Dan Koster’s wife, Jan, would manage the office and Dan would put his efforts toward cleaning. After much hard work and dedication the vision of the Koster’s came to life, and then exceeded their expectations.

Today Enviro-Clean offers an extensive amount of service options to locations with various needs and sizes, all while considering the impact on the environment and being sustainable.

Benefits at Enviro-Clean Services