Careers at Eversight


Revolutionize how each and every promotional dollar is spent.


Eversight is a California based Company founded by two brilliant minds, Jamie Rapperport and David Moran in 2013. Eversight offers innovative solutions to consumer-focused brands and retailers assisting them in the improvement of their promotion effectiveness. Eversight has its headquarters at 2479 E. Bayshore Rd., Suite 175 Palo Alto, California.

The Company achieves its aim by enabling clients to eliminate the risk and guesswork of testing numerous conventional trade promotions with actual shoppers in order to find the most effective one. Eversight’s solutions leverage data science, predictive analytics, machine learning, and cloud architecture that incorporates digital A/B testing capabilities to conventional retail.

Eversight was founded by thought leaders and veterans in pricing software, trade promotions, behavioral economics, and data science. Jamie Rapperport had worked for 25 years as a software entrepreneur and was a co-founder and the Executive Vice President of Vendavo, a leading business-to-business pricing technology company. He was also a co-founder of and Vice President of marketing and sales at VXtreme, acquired by Microsoft to become the core for the Windows Media Player software.

On the other hand, David Moran was highly experienced in Consumer Products, having worked as the Global Vice President of sales and revenue management for Anheuser-Busch, which is the world’s largest brewery company. He had also worked for McKinsey & Company’s Consumer Pricing Practice, where he dealt in pricing, trade spending, promotions, and assortment strategies.

In October 2014, Eversight landed $9.7 million in its Series A funding led by Emergence Capital Partners and in April 2016, the Company received a further $14.5 million from Emergence Capital Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures. Eversight currently has an estimated annual revenue of $1.2 million and roughly 55 employees.

With all this experience under their belts it is evident to see why it was fairly easy for the duo to establish a Trade Promotions Company. Eversight currently serves several major companies around the world as a strategic partner, inclusive of, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Ferrero, Kimberly-Clark, Mars, among others. Trade promotions based on Eversight’s innovative services have yielded an impressive 20 to 50 percent performance improvement in sales volumes for the Company’s clients; with such impressive numbers, it is safe to say that the journey for Eversight is just beginning.